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And how not-fine is it? Well, later that night, Danielle has a shitload to drink and starts muttering to everyone who will listen -- starting with poor George -- about Erika having loyalty to Chill Town. She's slurring, she's not making any's really a little sad. George desperately wants out of the situation, you can tell, because it has really nothing to do with him. Erika reminds Danielle that she hasn't even done anything yet, but that Danielle is "showing [her] true colors" just as a result of Erika telling her it was a possibility that she'd go up. Erika starts talking about how it is, after all, a game, and Danielle starts to talk -- still drunkenly -- about how Erika has "betrayed" her. This ugly fighting goes on for a while, and Danielle embarrasses herself by talking about how Erika looked her in the eye, she gave Erika her heart, Erika gave her a pen, blah blah. She also promises Erika she'll never vote for her in F2. Danielle, champion of saying she hopes people understand it's a game, makes the entire thing personal.

Erika goes and wakes up Will, and they sneak up and hide in the HoH room together. Erika talks about how Danielle is "hysterically crying," and Will tells her that they need to flip on the spy screen so that when Danielle inevitably appears outside the door, they can ignore her and make her go to bed. With the screen on, Erika says that she really would rather just send Chicken George home. Will says no. He says that Erika needs to be "a gamer." And then, inevitably, a still-drunk Danielle and her white nightgown come up the stairs, where Danielle leans on the HoH doorbell endlessly. Will tells Erika to ignore it, and eventually, he takes her into the bathroom. "She's lost her mind," Will says. Danielle starts telling Erika to open the door, as Will assures Erika in the bathroom that Danielle will only get worse, and everybody has to go sometime. Will tells us that he's perfectly happy to stay in the HoH room all night long to keep Danielle from getting the last word with Erika before the PoV ceremony. Finally, we watch Danielle abandon the HoH door, and Will crawl (platonically) into bed with Erika. That was not a good moment for Danielle, like, at all. Pounding on a door drunk in your nightie is almost never a great moment, dignity-wise.

The next day, Janelle examines the wall of photos and tells us that obviously, she'll be using the veto on herself. "Danielle lost her mind," Janelle mentions. It's on everyone's mind, apparently. Everyone gathers in the living room for the PoV ceremony. Janelle quickly removes herself from the block after a speech about how hard it is to put people "in harm's way." Of course, they're not in harm's way; they're in danger of losing a game show. Erika stands up to name her replacement. "At this point, Danielle, I'm sorry," is all we get. Or maybe it's all she says. Erika says that she hopes that Danielle will respect the strategy of the move she made, even though she said last night she would never give Erika a vote. Erika talks about how much she respects Danielle personally and as a player, and then she storms off. Janelle ends the ceremony, perhaps the most uncomfortable one ever. Danielle tells us that she's furious with Erika for "making a strategic error," which is obviously bullshit. "Shame on me for trusting her," Danielle adds. Erika DRs that this sucked. Will and Mike? Happy.

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