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Everyone remaining sits around in the living room, and Will tells them that he knows everyone is sad about the last three boots (James, Howie, Marcellas), and he takes responsibility for having orchestrated them. He explains in the DR that his strategy here was to remind everyone that he's behind the evictions of much of the jury, because he hopes that this might make people think they could beat him in F2 and take him to the finals. He seems to think this is how he was successful in his first season, and he's hoping to do some of the same things this time. Mike is still on a more simplistic plane, and takes the opportunity in the living room to say he doesn't think anyone is really responsible, because he just wants everyone not to be mad at him yet.

Danielle and Mike have a chat in the gym, and she says that she doesn't blame him and Will, but she's unhappy. Mike makes a play for her vote in a hypothetical F2 against Will, telling her that he wasn't happy with the decision either -- and implying, therefore, that it was Will's thing. Danielle's next issue is that she doesn't understand why Janelle voted against James. Why wasn't it 2-2? Why did Janelle vote James out instead of George? Mike rubs his chin nervously and says that he's wondering this as well. "Why would she not vote for James?" Danielle wonders. "Ask Will," Mike says. "He hangs out with her twelve hours a day." Aw. I think Mike feels neg-wected. Danielle presses a little, but Mike refers all inquiries back to Will, who is the brains of the operation, as well as the pecs, the hair, and the eyes. Mike also continues to hammer the point that it was Will, and not he, who wanted James out. In fact, he says he "didn't get a vote," which is technically true, of course. But he was in on the plan from the beginning to get James out, so it's bullshit as well. He tells us that he and Will are playing good-cop/bad-cop with Danielle in order to soften the blow of booting Danielle's closest ally, so that they can "have her allegiance until it's time for her to go." He blows some BS at Danielle about how the game is so hard that it might not even be worth it, blah blah, and I certainly can't believe she's buying that. I don't think anyone's going to be convinced that Mike is experiencing flashes of moral ambiguity. I don't think Danielle would believe Mike fully comprehends highway signs, let alone ethical dilemmas. After Mike leaves, Danielle mutters for the camera's benefit, "Will's ass is mine."

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