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Julie confronts Danielle with some of her own words about how the game isn't supposed to be personal. Danielle allows that this season, because she knew the people from watching them, she took everything much more personally. She says -- again, too singsong, because it's not really how she feels -- that she knows it's just a game, and it's "just business." In a sense, it's a little creepy, because this isn't how Danielle talks, and you'd hate to think she's going to go off and fall apart later. On the other hand, feeling obligated to pretend you're keeping it together and being able to actually do so is almost as good, in many ways, as actually keeping it together. "You lost to a guy in a green leotard," Julie says. Danielle understands that to be the case, and adds that it's hard to be known as an awesome player. Julie asks Danielle whether she feels like she got the "redemption" she wanted from season three. Danielle figures she probably did, although she wishes she'd "scumbagged a little bit more." What do you know? She was booted because of an awesomeness surplus! Just wasn't willing to be a bad enough person! ANOTHER VICTIM IS CLAIMED. Julie tells Danielle that someone else is being sent home tonight and asks her who she'd like to see following her out the door. "Right now, this is personal -- I want Erika," Danielle declares without hesitation. So it won't be personal later, but it's kind of personal now.

Goodbyes to Danielle. Janelle says that it was great to play against her, and congratulates her for playing more honestly this time. I am really getting sick of that routine from Janelle, dude, like she's granting absolution. Mike tells Danielle he'll always remember the "Legion of Doom days," and he wishes that they could have taken that further in the game. Will goes right for the heart, saying, "You are the best player to have never won Big Brother," which is just what Danielle tells herself, so. He says that he's sorry it went this way, but that after they got rid of James, he always felt like she didn't quite trust him. (Undoubtedly true.) George thanks Danielle for helping him through "them initial couple weeks." Erika makes the worst use of a goodbye video ever, saying that Danielle promised her that she'd never give her a vote, and Erika just wants to say she's "hurt" that Danielle would say that, and she thinks Danielle should reconsider. She is so dumb. How dumb is she? She's, like, would-sleep-with-Mike-Boogie dumb. Oh, wait.

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