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Julie promises that the nomination ceremony will be next. Oh, I hope so.

When we come back, Will and Janelle are still talking, and he's telling her they should stay in the bedroom until Julie calls them out to the living room, because it will be better drama. He certainly never rests, does he? He tells her what to say when she makes her nominations, and then Julie calls everyone to the living room.

With everyone there, George is sent to the regular couch, and then Janelle is told to make her nominations. She stammers that it's "horrible" having to do this, and then she says she hasn't had much time for talking, and then she nominates George and Erika, trying to make it look like she did it off the top of her head. Dude, nobody believes that. Everyone saw you sneak off with Will. The jig is up, you know? Julie tells us that the veto competition is next.

When we come back, it's time to play veto. We go to the backyard, where basically, everyone is clipped to a rope that has several knots in it. You undo all your knots, which may require stepping through the rope and so forth, grab a veto symbol, try to wrestle it out of the rope, and then you run back and ring a buzzer.

Basically, this quickly develops into a game between Will and Erika. I don't think Mike is trying, George is hopeless, and Janelle has no particular skill at anything other than houseguest trivia, so there's no reason to believe she'd be in it, and she isn't. Ultimately, Erika beats Will by a very small margin, so she will be vetoing herself. Janelle petulantly peels off her silly little pink overshirt and hurls it. Oh, poor baby. We don't win everything, quite, do we?

Veto ceremony. Erika acts all "aw-shucks" about winning veto, and then she stands up and vetoes her own nomination. So Janelle will have to make a new nomination. She nominates Mike, who takes the seat next to George. Erika doesn't realize she's supposed to adjourn the veto meeting, so she just sits there blankly, doing nothing, until she has no choice but to end it. Julie promises that when we come back, they'll be doing another live vote.

Back from commercials, Mike is either looking nervous or trying to look nervous. I wish it were genuine, only I wish it were illness. The two people casting votes, you'll note, will be Will and Erika. Mike's best pal and his showmance, so I'm not sure why he's so freaked. George chooses not to give another speech. Mike thanks Dolce. Asshole. He tells Will and Erika that while it may seem obvious to boot him for the sake of future competitions, they should realize that George is "a very sympathetic character" who's going to be very difficult to beat in a vote. And now: live voting. Will goes into the diary room. I dearly hope he's going to do something surprising, but he doesn't. He votes to evict George. Erika follows him into the diary room, and she fails to make the Lisa maneuver, instead choosing to evict George.

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