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Julie announces that George has been evicted by a vote of 2-0. He did know that he was going, and he's very gracious, with lots of hugs, just talking about being unsure how he made it this far. He heads for the door. He tries to pick up his flower costume and so forth, but Mike encourages him to just take his bag, and they'll get the rest of the stuff to him. Hee. So here are your final four: Will, Mike, Janelle, and Erika. Good grief.

Back in the house, for someone's benefit, Mike is laid out on the floor. Will is also saying he thinks he broke his thumb during the competition, and Janelle adds, "I broke a nail really bad." Sigh. She just never stops being like that, does she? Will starts talking about how there's too much time left, and he wonders if someone is coming back. Janelle agrees that "there's more than two weeks left." Which, mercifully, is not the case.

Out in the gazebo, George is overwhelmingly happy that he made it as far as he did, because he was "the donkey in the Kentucky Derby." Julie says that sometimes, he seemed confused, while some people thought it was "brilliant strategy." George laughs hysterically, and he says, "I had no strategy, Julie." He says that the food situation really screwed with him, but he's totally happy with finishing fifth. Julie questions George about his weird getups and his "buffoon" status, and George says that he just figured he'd be "totally unique" and be himself. Julie says that as promised, he's going to get some food. In a very surreal development, the current guy playing Colonel Sanders shows up with a bucket of chicken, which George thinks is really cool. "I met the Colonel!" he says. So...that's a highlight, I guess.

This week, we are not seeing the new HoH competition, so that's it for the evening, thank goodness. What will happen next? Oh, who can say? Will. Mike. Janelle. Erika. A whole lot of people did a pretty damn ridiculously poor job dealing with obvious threats. I would never have anticipated Will and Mike both landing in F4, that's for sure.

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