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We return in blue and white to the competition that made Erika HoH, and she DRs that she's excited that she's going to be in the final five. Danielle tells us that she felt great with Erika winning HoH, especially since Erika immediately assured her that she was safe. Janelle DRs, of course, that "Erika was the worst possible scenario" for the HoH victory. She says that she was hoping Will or Danielle would win. Will, of course, laments/brags that he's lost twenty-one HoH competitions in a row. For Mike's part, he thinks having Erika as HoH will work out for them, because she's hypnotized by his magical smooches or something, which is about as appealing to me as being thrown on a pile of burning tires, but she's vulnerable, after all.

Will and Janelle chat in the bathroom about the fact that Mike is going to try to get Erika to nominate Danielle and George. Janelle scoffs that it's not going to go that way, but Will tells her to relax. Janelle tells us she knows Erika will nominate her, since she nominated Erika twice. It does make a certain amount of sense. "She's got to get me out of the house because I win everything," Janelle preens. Ick. Mike tells Janelle that he thinks the nominations will be her and George. "If it's me and George, you guys have votes to save me?" she asks. Of course, it doesn't seem to occur to her that it would be her responsibility, rather than Will and Mike's responsibility, to see that the votes are there for her to stay. Furthermore, guess what, you enormous ditz? There are only three votes that will be cast with six people left, and if it's you and George on the block, it's not about Will and Mike "having the votes" to save you. Will and Mike are enough votes to save you. It's this kind of thing that makes me have no respect for her in this part of the game. You can tell she hasn't given any thought to who actually will be casting votes, or she'd know she was safe. There are no votes for them to get. It's just them. She clearly has absolutely no idea what's even going on strategically; she hasn't thought through how many votes there are, even though she's just been nominated. She can't look at six people and subtract three and get three, but she sure can answer trivia questions. If she ever had to play the game in the more straightforward way it was played before the days of the veto, of course, she would be so screwed she wouldn't last three weeks.

Will tells Janelle to go and bond with Erika. Janelle DRs that this is so tough, because she has "a problem being fake to people." Ha! Yeah, I'm sure. Extensions and boob job aside, she's just a plain old regular girl, just wanting to be herself. Will tells her that it's going to be "a rough week again," but they'll see what's possible. "Thanks for being my friend," Janelle says. "Thank you," Will grins. They are both so soulless, it's like you could suck all the oxygen out of the room, and neither of them would be affected in the slightest.

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