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Erika and Danielle squee together as everyone else leaves. Danielle then tells Erika that she's still really concerned about Janelle's vote against James. She just can't figure it out, or what it means. Erika DRs that she's not sure what it means either, whether Janelle has a deal with the boys, or whether she has a deal with George, or what. (It's both, of course, at least sort of. I think everyone has a deal with George.) Danielle tells Erika that Will took responsibility for booting James, and she doesn't see why he would do that unless he had worked Janelle. Danielle just doesn't see why Janelle would vote against James when now, James won't vote for Janelle in any F2 scenario. "Kiss Will goodbye," Danielle tells us in the DR. She makes a dramatic kissing gesture. "'Cause I'm getting rid of him as soon as I can. He has to go."

After commercials, we return to a chant of "Chi-cken George! Chi-cken George!" Will tells us in the DR that every few years, sports greatness is achieved. And what are we talking about? "The world's greatest belly-flop champ." It turns out that George has taken to entertaining the house by running all the way from the house to the pool, then belly-flopping for their amusement. I keep being afraid that he's going to slip and crack his skull, but that's why I'm no fun at all, I suppose. I would be no good in the emergency room, because I wouldn't laugh at people's injuries at all. Mike, in particular, gets so excited when George does this that he jumps around and fist-pumps. I've always said these people were really, really in desperate need of amusement, and Mike's overreaction seems to support my theory. Janelle has a great time describing George's way of running with his little arms pumping away at his sides. It's a very well edited, very funny segment. Filler, but better than average filler, to say the least.

Later, Will and Danielle are standing around in the kitchen. "Did you vote James out?" he asks her conspiratorially. She assures him she didn't, then says, "Come here, I need to talk to you." In the DR, Danielle says that her "hurt is now anger." She tells Will that she's not holding it against him, and he tells her that he really believes that James was coming after him, so he's not sorry he voted him out, but he's sorry for Danielle, because he knows James and Danielle were friends. Will confides to us that Danielle is a "professional," and she kept her cool and didn't flip out at him or anything, but he suspects that she's about to start "kicking [his] butt." Danielle tells us that Will and Mike "scumbagged" James, because "he had their back." I never know what that means in a game such as this, really, the having of the back. "I am going to take great pleasure sending Will home," she says. not see that happening at this point. (Easy for me to say at this point, of course.)

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