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After commercials, Julie talks to the houseguests via the viewscreen, starting off the convo by bringing up the siren and asking for theories on what it might mean. James speculates that the couples might be split up (No! I will not have it! Not this close to the end!), but Matt has a more elaborate theory. He thinks there might be an identical Big Brother house next door, and they're going to meet up for the endgame. Dude, that's kind of wild. And I can't wait to meet the recapper who's secretly been covering that other house. Nobody has a theory about the puzzle in the guinea pig cage? Julie then quizzes Sharon for some mysterious reason (we learn nothing, of course), and Julie then shows the houseguests the footage from last night of Matt and Natalie winning the PoV competition and jumping all over each other with joy. Julie tries to get Natalie to admit that the best part of it was making Matt happy. Natalie doesn't bite, so she's clearly grown a second brain cell. Good for her. Julie then reminds Matt that he owes Natalie massage for winning the PoV. Matt's still trying to weasel out of it. I don't think it's going to happen until the voice of Big Brother tells him to do it, and possibly not even then. Why would you even want a massage from someone who's clearly dreading it so much?

Julie tells us that Natalie seems to like Matt a lot more than he likes her, and before we meet their respective folks at home, we see a hammock scene between the two of them where Matt asks for a little space and Natalie whines a lot.

Cut to Oregon ("the Beaver State," the subtitle reads, encouraging Natalie and enraging me), specifically Natalie's workplace, the "Bikini Coffee Company." So I guess that answers the question about why Natalie is a bikini barista instead of a regular one. ["Up until now, you were thinking maybe she was just a specialist within a regular coffee shop? Because...actually, wait, that would be awesome." -- Miss Alli] A couple of her bikini-barista coworkers say that Natalie has an unfortunate tendency to clamp onto guys she likes, and her sister says that Natalie's looking for love but Matt's just in it for the game. I would make fun of such an obvious statement, bit it's clear Natalie's sister got the brains in the family.

And now to Boston, where Matt's equally fratty friends say that Matt's way more into the money than Natalie. And all of this is intercut with Matt telling an increasingly upset Natalie to back off already. How helpful to get an inside perspective from the people who know Matt and Natalie best, so they can tell us nothing we didn't already know. Julie sends us to commercial, teasing the siren one more time. Apparently it's going to go off when the evicted couple leaves tonight, whether the house is on fire or not. But we can still hope for the best.

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