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HoH competition, and there's only going to be one this time. Joshuah and Sharon have to sit it out as the outgoing HoH couple, so that leaves it down to the other seven: Sheila, Matt, Chelsia, Ryan, James, Natalie, and Adam. The competition requires them to answer true/false questions about the order in which stuff has happened in the house. Everyone gets the first one right. James and Natalie get the second one wrong, so they're out. During the third question, the camera abruptly cuts to a close-up of one of the guinea pigs for some reason, and then Sheila, Matt, and Chelsia are out. That leaves Ryan and Adam as the remaining contestants. They both get the fourth question wrong and the fifth question right, so they're both still in. But Adam biffs number six, so that means Ryan is HoH. Wow, I didn't expect Ryan to prevail in a battle of wits. And before going to commercial, Julie says we get to play a part in the game now, and she'll explain when we come back. Oh, goody.

So here's what she wants us to do. Julie tells us that Jacob, Jen, Parker, Amanda and Alex are currently being sequestered (unlike Neil, who left for good and even got taken out of the opening credits. And now we get to vote for one of them -- or Allison -- to return to the house. Because the season needs to be even longer? News flash, Jules: the writers strike is over. But listen up, everyone: don't vote for anyone. Maybe that way nobody will come back.

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