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To Be Perfectly Frank

Willie charges out to the backyard and tells Frank, "I've been trying to save you all week, man." As they start gathering attention from the other players in the house. Frank doesn't take any crap from Willie, who reminds Frank that he told him to keep quiet and he'd be fine. Frank doesn't trust Willie any more than Willie wants him to trust the coaches. It soon devolves into shouting, with Willie getting increasingly upset and telling everyone to vote to keep Kara. Mike, who's been a nonentity all episode up until now wades into this, saying, "Who died and left you boss?" Uh, Britney kind of did on Day One, champ. Now it's a shouting match between Willie and Mike, while Britney watches with increasing horror as her top pick spirals to the ground, trailing a corkscrew of cigarette smoke. It's always tricky to tell what these people are thinking, but I bet Britney is resolving that the next time she makes a clever deduction, she's going to keep it the fuck to herself.

We come back after that blow-up to the calm living room, which is always such an anticlimax on these semi-live shows. Speaking of anticlimax, Julie "axes" Jojo (Jojo's word) about the mood in the house, and she says she didn't think it was going to happen so fast. Julie asks Ian the superfan how it's going, and he says it's lived up to his expectations and that he hasn't been bored once. Jealous. Julie then asks Wil for one word to describe the last thirteen days. "Oh, goodness," is all he can come up with, aside from a panicked expression. When it's Ashley's turn, she gives Julie "loosey-goosey," which either doesn't mean what Ashley thinks it means or Ashley's hold on reality is even more tenuous than I've been suspecting. The one word Julie wants from Willie is the one to describe his reign as HoH. He starts to actually answer, but Julie only wanted one word, and he blurts, "Pressure." Thanks, Julie, that was much more enlightening than whatever he was going to say. Julie turns to Mike, and they reminisce for a moment like cousins at a family reunion who hate each other before Julie asks him whether it's harder to be a player or a coach. He says it's the latter. "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink," he explains. Poor Mike.

Time to set up for the vote, but first the nominees get to beg for their lives. Frank goes first, saying he's enjoyed the last thirteen days and he hopes it's not over for him, then makes a speech about bullying not being okay. He advises them not to listen to their coaches... unless they're telling them to keep Frank. Kara tells them to vote in their own interests, and "know that someone has made a final deal with the person you're trying to save." She's giving everyone a little too much credit there, I think.

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