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Go, Go, Jojo

Back to the living room, where JoJo gets to be the first to beg for votes. She says she thought she'd come in and play dirty, but that isn't who she is. Unfortunately she starts rambling from there, telling the houseguests she thinks they're making a mistake. Way to give it away there. Danielle stands up, nearly falls down again, and gives a cutesy, dull, totally nonthreatening speech. The voting begins, starting with Wil, who heads into the DR in his blazer and shorts and votes to evict "little miss hypocrite, JoJo." Joe stumbles over sadly evicting "JoJo Dancer," and Ashley votes the same way, complete with the sadness. We go to break with the votes at 3-0, which is not terribly suspenseful. Even if I cared about either of them.

When we come back, it's Shane's turn to vote, and he votes to boot Danielle. So that showmance is over. But Ian votes to evict JoJo, which means that so is her game. Jenn gets to cast her completely unnecessary vote to evict JoJo. Coming back to the living room, Julie gives the usual pre-eviction speech, adding that if Danielle is evicted (which we already know she isn't), Dan has to bail out of there too. But then Julie breaks the news that it was a 5-1 vote evicting JoJo. She looks mildly surprised, and gets up for her goodbye hugs. "Make big moves," she advises them all on her way out the door.

Out in the studio, Julie asks JoJo what she whispered to Shane, the last person she hugged on the way out the door. Unfortunately, he just said he loves her, and she said to stay strong and she believes in him. Right now I believe he'll be sitting where JoJo is a week or two hence, but I've been wrong before. Julie asks why JoJo believes she deserves to be in the house more than Danielle does. JoJo says she did well in competitions (all two of them, if memory serves), and explains her loyalty to Willie as a mistake that she admitted to everyone in the house and hopes to learn from. Julie then asks what JoJo thinks of Britney as a coach, her expression all but inviting JoJo to say something catty. JoJo, however, doesn't rise to the bait, saying she'll be rooting for the underdog. Now on to the farewell messages. "Maybe the house could only handle one New Yorker," Jenn says. Shane creepily talks about their flirting, Danielle lies that she's sorry, and Britney says JoJo's loud, in-your-face attitude hurt her in the game. JoJo says she's gotta be her, and shows off her "Love me or hate me" t-shirt. Looks like the house decided.

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