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Then they have to guess the number of arrows that are stuck in a wooden shield. Russ, Kevin, and Jessie all stay (while Ronnie continues folding, hanging back to let other people eliminate themselves), but Russell's guess is the closest, so it's his point. But Kevin's guess was the furthest off, so he's out, leaving Lydia pretty much up there alone. But then Russell wins the next point, and Lydia's out. Michele wins a point in the next round. Then a question about the number of rats in the cage comes up, which everyone knows is Michele's area of expertise (and Ronnie's, as Russell points out, but in a different way). Michele lowballs everyone to trick them into folding, and what do you know, Michele is the only one to stay with her guess, so she wins her second point, having bluffed Ronnie out of sticking with his higher (and more accurate) estimate. Next comes a question about the number of feathers in a centurion's helmet. Michele and Jessie are the only ones to stay, but Michele's guess was the closest, so she just won her second PoV in a row. Too bad she doesn't have a mud pit to dive in. She DRs about how she has the most power, being not only the veto holder but the swing vote. Ronnie's plan: figure out what it'll take to get Michele to use the veto on him. I know what it'll take: nothing Ronnie has. Still, Ronnie gets right to work on Michele in the pool room, but she's not committing to anything. Including giving him the time of day.

That evening, Michele invites Russell up to the HoH room to "hang out," which makes Natalie and Jessie suspicious. Upstairs, Russell and Michele discuss how they're in the same boat, without partners. They seem to realize their shared problem has an obvious solution. Of course, only one of them is telling the truth, because it's not like Russell is about to tell Michele about his super-secret alliance with Jeff. They watch on Russell's monitor as Jessie and Natalie come up to play chess right outside the door, amusing Russell with their impotent worrying. All his ex-fellow Athletes can do is fret to each other while Michele and Russell cement their alliance. "He's not that interesting, nor is she," Jessie whispers to Natalie, getting paranoid that he's their target.

Natalie's only other move is pushing Ronnie to make his case to Michele to use the veto on him. Sharp move, Natalie. I'm sure that never would have occurred to Ronnie on his own. Although he's already asked nicely, Ronnie tries a new approach, basically threatening Michele with the people who will be after her if he leaves. I think Ronnie overestimates their loyalty to him. As for Michele, it's harder to tell what she's thinking. If anything.

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