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Russell comes into the kitchen from outside, just as Ronnie, Natalie, Kevin, and Chima laugh. "Schemers," Russell mutters, and there's some tense calling-out between Chima and Russell over who's friends with whom. Chima even appears to be onto Russell's alliance with Jeff. Russell DRs that Chima's turning into a possessive girlfriend. He heads back out and reports this to Jessie and Jeff (and Lydia, when she joins them). He tells them that he's so annoyed with Chima right now that he's regretting not nominating her. I like Russell better when he's not unstable.

Later, Jessie's up in the HoH room, without Russell for some reason. Chima comes up as Natalie leaves, and Jessie recounts an abbreviated version of what Russell said to him about Chima earlier. Chima's not sure what to think, but fortunately Jessie is there with his incisive analysis: "This can turn into something." Whatever that means.

Chima then goes to Ronnie to ask his opinion, and Ronnie makes it about him, saying Russell may have convinced Michele to use the veto on Lydia, so he can nominate Chima, Jessie, or Natalie as a pawn against Ronnie. Ronnie talks some shit about Michele, and then about Russell, which, you would think Ronnie would have learned his lesson about by now, what with being on the block right now for doing just that.. Because Russell is not only listening outside, he also sticks his head in just to let them know he's there. Natalie pops in to tell them Russell's onto them, but they both claim not to care: Ronnie because he's going home, and Chima because according to her, Russell's a paranoid [censored] who lies to everyone anyway. Seeing an opening, Jessie materializes out of the very ether to say that now the real Russell has shown himself. "There's nothing we can do," Jessie shrugs as he and Natalie leave. Chima resists the urge to go confront Russell, but it won't do her any good, because Russell DRs that she's already shown she's not on his side and doesn't care about keeping her around.

In advance of Michele's PoV ceremony, she says she's got to make some strategic moves. It'll be interesting to see what Michele's version of that is. Ronnie, Jessie, and Russell are all worried about what Michele's going to do, for various reasons. When Michele calls them in, she does the thing where the veto holder gives the nominees a chance to speak. "Ronnie, I'm going to give you the chance to lie first. I mean, speak." That would have been a good zinger if it hadn't been delivered so limply. All she did is telegraph what she's going to do anyway. Neither of the nominees makes an argument. And neither of them gets vetoed. There you have it, folks, Michele's strategic move: nothing. Russell smirks at everyone.

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