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Dominic, Keith, and Lawon form a "library room" alliance early on, and Dominic proposes bringing Cassi in as well. Which will make more sense later. I know, I can't believe it either.

"WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOOOOOM!!" Rachel screams as loud as ever. Everyone pretends to care as they follow her up the stairs, but they dig the new round bed, fish tank, and HoH bathrobe. Shelly and the other newbies suck up, which Rachel notices, but still DRs that they're going home. And it'll only take two months.

Dick, Danielle, Brendon, and Rachel talk about how they'll take over the house despite being outnumbered by the virgins, and realize they'll probably be able to pit partners against each other when they start getting on each other's nerves. Dick DRs the surprisingly astute observation that Brendon and Rachel alienated everyone in the house during their season. You know, unlike Dick in his. They also agree that nobody rides for free; if anyone stays, it's because they made a deal. Which is big talk considering that people will only be leaving one at a time, once a week. Mostly. If they want to leave faster that's fine with me.

Brendon wants a massage from Rachel, and is frustrated that Rachel's beauty regimen is cutting into that time. Rachel speculates on whether Cassi has had Botox or a nose job. Brendon figures out what this is really about, and doesn't want Rachel to get any of that stuff done. But he also says he doesn't want to fight her about it, and then proceeds to fight her about it. Rachel DRs that "he never complains about these", while subtly pointing to her boobs. Rachel argues to Brendon that she likes "the look of Botox." Of course she does.

Down in the kitchen, Dominic and Cassi agree that the newbies will be big targets, so he proposes to her a sub-alliance made of half of each of the newbie couples: himself, Keith, Lawon, and Cassi. But obviously they can't tell their partners. Makes sense, until Dominic says that nobody would know. We'll see about that.

So in the library room, Dominic, Keith, Lawon, and Cassi agree to get together and vote to get rid of whichever of their respective partners will be going up this week. And an alliance is born: The Regulators. I hate these dorky alliance names these people come up with, but I admit it makes for easier weecapping.

Dick decides to approach Porsche to bring her on board the veteran alliance. Porsche assumes Dick is bringing her in because she's awesome, and she's only too happy to sign on with his Faustian bargain. Then she goes back to Keith to say she's been invited aboard. Keith lets her think that he's also on board with the plan to stick with the veterans, then goes right to his fellow Regulators Dominic and Cassi to tattle on Porsche. They agree that she's gone, but that she can't know yet. Whatever, it's still early and a lot can change. Like a lot.

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