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Up in the HoH room, Rachel, Dick, and Jeff talk about how the newbies still don't know the game, but agree that they need to keep winning HoHs just in case. Dick's next move is to approach Adam with the same offer he made Porsche. Jeff and Rachel are cool with that.

In the backyard, while most people are idly sunning themselves, Dick makes his move to a skeptical Adam. He gets to join Dick, Rachel, and Brendon in the HoH room, and Dick says they'll give him the Golden Key in exchange for his vote -- and also in exchange for his protecting them if he wins a future HoH, and throwing future PoVs. Adam pretends to be appreciative of this generous offer, but in the DR he says he's coming after Dick. What, in a guitar battle?

Shelly talks to Jeff and Jordan about her family and her husband, who sounds cool. In the DR, she compares Jeff and Jordan to her marriage. Which she means as a compliment to both of them, I feel I should clarify.

Rachel invites Jordan into the HoH room to pick her brain, but obviously there isn't much to pick. Rachel says that Adam's a good potential ally, being a fan of theirs and all. Rachel also feels like Keith is dangerous, but has doubts about giving Porsche the Golden Key. Jordan's a good person to bounce ideas off of, because they come back to you unsullied by any thought at all. Right then is when Dick comes in, promising and guaranteeing that Porsche's totally on board for whatever they want. How anyone can still hear the words "promise" and "guarantee" on this show and not immediately run for the exit is something I will never understand. Rachel's still torn. I don't know why she doesn't go to her standard strategy of asking Brendon for advice and then ignoring it.

Nomination day. As Rachel contemplates the memory wall, Porsche DRs that she feels safe, with the veterans on her side. Keith feels the same way, but about the Regulators, because their three votes will outweigh the veterans' six? I don't know. Adam's not believing anything he's been told, which makes him the best newbie player thus far. "He's Evel Dick for a reason," Adam DRs. "He's not Nice Dick." Dominic is also worried, but says it'll be "game on" if he's nominated. Rachel VOs that these nominations will set the tone. "I cannot make the same mistakes I made last year and be an emotional nominator. This year it has to be gameplay." That would be interesting to see. Will her new catchphrase be "nobody gets between me and my long-term strategy!"

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