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Veto Threepeat-O

It's time to pick the players for the PoV competition, and James has decided to get into his "mental warrior zone" (read: stop crying like a Mafia widow). HoH Natalie draws Houseguest's Choice and picks Ryan. Josh draws Sheila, and James draws Sharon. With the six players selected, that leaves Adam as host.

The PoV turns out to be a various collection of rando items from past Big Brother competitions, like large amounts of gumballs, lard, popcorn, and asparagus. Adam slurs out the complicated rules, which require people to either bet on their answer to gain points or "fold" if they think they're wrong and want to stay in the game -- because if you stick to an answer that's further away from the correct answer than someone else's, you're out of the competition. The first person to win three points wins PoV.

The first question is how many letter blocks are in a bin. Most everyone guesses between 800 and 900, except for Ryan, who guesses 1400. Now Adam asks each one of them in turn whether they want to stay or fold. The right answer turns out to be 992, meaning Natalie was closest with her guess of 885. She wins a point. When did she get so good at counting letters? Since Josh and Sharon were the only other ones who didn't fold, they're out. Joshuah is disappointed, but he doesn't think James has much chance to win against three other people. James, for his part, has adopted the strategy of folding whenever possible in order to let the others knock themselves out.

The next question regards the number of pushpins in a giant Veto symbol made of them. James folds again, because of his aforementioned strategy. Sheila does too, because who knows why she does anything. That leaves Ryan in (with one point) and Natalie out of the PoV. On the next question, Sheila wins this point because she's the only one who didn't fold.

Next up is a big gumball machine full of rubber balls. James guesses 675, Sheila 380, and Ryan 1100. Seeing Ryan sweat, James decides to stay with his guess, and Sheila and Ryan fold. So James wins a point, bringing it to a three-way tie. Everyone else looks glum while James celebrates his one point and Ryan realizes too late that his guess was closest. The next round, guessing the number of links in a chain, goes the same way, and James is now in the lead. "The house is against me," he gloats, rubbing it in.

For the next question, James makes a big speech and stays with his guess of 54 pounds of popcorn. Sheila folds after guessing 250, and Ryan stays with his guess of 75. James is about to either win or get eliminated. And it turns out to be 49 pounds of popcorn, which means a PoV win for James. The third in a row, no less. He celebrates by himself, while everyone looks disappointed. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to dampen his joy.

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