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Veto Threepeat-O

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Veto Threepeat-O

Natalie stands and announces her replacement nominee, Sharon, to nobody's surprise. She perkily sits next to her partner, oblivious to the fact that he's already arranged her demise. After the meeting, James DRs that his speech was meant to be "inspirational and confrontational," and probably more than Sheila expected from him. Sheila, in turn, gives a DR that indicates he got through to her. You think that by this time next week, she will still be the only houseguest who has yet to win a competition of any kind? Yeah, me too.

Sharon DRs about how hard it's going to be for her to watch Joshuah leave, since she feels he's her responsibility. She's right, too; it is going to be hard to watch him leave, because her sequester house isn't going to have a TV. Joshuah in turn is remorseless, saying he didn't come to get second place. Well, dude, even if you succeed in ejecting your mom/therapist/babysitter tomorrow, you've still got an uphill battle to come in fifth.

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