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Vision Thing

In the hammock, Amber tells Jameka that she's done with Jessica and Eric. Jameka advises her to "be cool" with them, though Amber regards Jessica as "a sneaky, selfish, twenty-one-year-old bitch" (whereas Amber's left her child with others because she's playing for a cash prize she plans to donate to Amnesty International -- you know, as soon as someone explains to her what "amnesty" means. And "international"). Anyway, it turns out Amber doesn't need to play nice with Jessica and Eric: she's had a vision of herself winning the PoV, which she takes as God's way of preparing her for the week ahead. Jesus Christ, not this again! Jameka either believes in Amber's vision or plays along convincingly (by not altering the speed or timbre of her voice, or by changing her facial expression -- you know, acting the same as she always does). On the hammock, Amber announces that she is done crying (I wish I could believe that this time. I really do) -- she's going to prove to her family that she can do this -- and as she tries to make this same point in the DR, she? Cries. But only a tiny bit.

America has provided Eric with a messed-up stuffed animal he must pass off as his childhood woobie and give to Jessica. And then he does, making up a whole tale about how it's a good-luck charm for him. Jessica accepts this gift but doesn't seem at all moved by it, no matter how much the plinky music tries to make us think this moment is special or taking their relationship to the next level or whatever the hell. It doesn't help that every time the camera cuts to Eric's face, it looks like there's a freaking spotlight on the ironing board in the corner. Anyway: TASK COMPLETED.

In the HoH, Zach and Daniele talk about how bored they are and how long they've been there. Zach and Daniele are both sick of Dick, and of Jameka and Amber moping around, and of Jen. Hey, Daniele and Zach? WE'RE SICK OF ALL OF YOU. The subject turns to Jen: she's a liar, she gave up half the money, she's a loose cannon, they're over her. Zach DRs that he's a "silent assassin," like it really takes a lot of effort to turn Daniele against Jen.

Time to pick players for the Veto Competition. But guess what! The two finalists in this game get to take a special trip outside the house -- so now everyone cares. Daniele pulls the "Houseguest's Choice" ball and, obviously chooses Dick. Amber pissily picks Jessica. Jameka picks Zach, which totally bums me out; I was so hoping that Jameka would pick Jen, and then Jen would veto her to pay her back for having vetoed Jen that time, and then Daniele would be fucked because she couldn't nominate Jen as a replacement. But alas, none of that happened.

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