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Vision Thing

Outside, Eric and Dick celebrate that after the next HoH, their four-person alliance will control the rest of the game. Dick tells Eric that they'll be inserting Jen as the replacement nominee. Eric says she wouldn't be his choice, but that he sees the logic. He DRs that he would have offered Zach, but that it's a new alliance, so he doesn't want to rock the boat; Zach can go next week. Daniele comes out, whining that she's still up at 2 AM, and then DRs that she's still not sure she's going to veto Amber after all. Possibly she heard Amber crying in her sleep and remembered how annoying she is.

Veto Ceremony. Jameka flatly says she doesn't expect Daniele to change her nominations. Amber gets up and lasts several seconds before she starts to cry. She manages to say a bunch of things that are true while not betraying that she already knows how this scene is going to end, saying that she'd love to come off the block, and that this week has been tremendously hard for her: she lost Dustin, she's on slop, and she's nominated. Damn, that is a crappy week. Daniele watches with only the tiniest glimmer of a smirk as Amber babbles on. Daniele speeches that there are big competitors in the house who've been playing the game since Day 1, and since she regards that as a threat, she's weighed her options, and is vetoing Amber's nomination. Amber hugs her and takes her seat on the Couch of Safety, leaving room for...Jen, who bounces up there looking pretty sanguine. Daniele says that "there are some people" for whom winning the money -- the whole amount, not the half Jen gave up that time -- would be life-changing, and that Daniele doesn't want to "steal that away" from that hypothetical other person who might be Daniele and might not be. Jen shrugs, looking unconcerned. Daniele adjourns the meeting.

Daniele recaps that this is Jen's fourth nomination, but that she won't be getting off the block this time. Jameka's not giving up. Jen: "When I'm still here next week, Daniele and Dick will definitely be my target for the rest of the season." You guys, seriously, at this point that's the only epic battle I could stand to care about. "She's a cheat, and he's disgusting!" Aaaaand now I love Jen. Because: exactly.

Oh, and then the fucking mystery trip. In the DR, Amber and Daniele learn that they're going to go play The Power Of Ten, that new show that rips off Card Sharks. There's like a ninety-minute commercial for the show, intercut with Amber and Daniele's excited looks. Big Brother contestants on Power Of Ten? That is some weak stuntcasting. And by the way, this mystery trip involves Amber and Daniele flying to New York, and I promise you this: if they cross my path, I'm going to bludgeon one of them with the other one.

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