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Jason and Roddy chat in the HoH. Before he decides to use the veto, Jason wants to know whether Roddy will be targeting Danielle if he should win HoH next week. Roddy goes on to describe "a certain person" who he's been told has been targeting him for weeks. He describes (without naming her) how he confronted Danielle about her scheming, and how she denied it (insert blue-and-white Danielle, denying it). Roddy talks generally about how he's getting annoyed by there being people in the house who use "other people to do their dirty work for them." Because Roddy would never do that. At all. Except always. Jason says in the DR, unbelievably cluelessly, that he's concerned that Danielle might be the person Roddy was oh-so-cleverly referring to as the one trying to get him out of the house. Gee, Jason, ya think? Jason makes some more noise in the DR about how he's going to protect Danielle if he needs to, blah blah blah, and seriously, if he isn't smart enough to know that Danielle is the target of Roddy's little diatribe there, he's barely smart enough to tie his shoes without assistance.

Gerry and Danielle talk in the green bathroom chairs. Danielle sends Gerry to try to talk Jason into vetoing Amy and putting Roddy up against Gerry. Jason isn't biting. I mean, he acts like he's thinking about it, but he's not.

Hyperdramatic veto meeting. Guess what? Jason's not using it. Whatever led him to put up Gerry and Amy, he hasn't changed his mind. Man, the veto is the least-used gimmick in reality television, ever. It's pretty much just there to reduce the amount of time we have to spend watching them eat. So, I mean, that's good and everything, but it's not adding so much to the strategy. Gerry and Amy tell him that they understand.

Marcellas says that they're heading toward a Roddy and Danielle showdown. Could be, my friend. Could be.

Thursday. Previously on Big Brother 3: Amy had been cheated, mistreated, put down, pushed round, made blue, and lied to. When will she be loved? When, indeed.

Julie Chen, wearing a shirt apparently made from kitchen curtains with ribbon sewn on them, recaps the week's events.

As we slide from blue-and-white Gerry to color Gerry, he quotes Churchill as having said you can afford to lose every battle but the last one. They couldn't let him go without one last pretentious quotation, I suppose. Gerry does think he's been handicapped by the generation gap, though, which I suspect is accurate. In a particularly ugly moment, Marcellas stands with hand on hip in his white bathrobe and tells the rest of the houseguests (other than Gerry) that they should have voted people out of the house "aesthetically." Ugly people first. "Week One, he would have been gone," he spits. Why are people like that? Why does a person like Marcellas, who obviously has a measure of wit and is sensitive enough to have his own feelings badly hurt...why does he have to be like that? I will never understand it.

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