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Gerry and Roddy talk in the hammock. They agree that given the inherent disadvantage Gerry was at in the beginning due to his age, he's done very well. They also discuss how most of the alliances of old have hit the skids, and so things constantly settle and resettle. Gerry says in the DR that he doesn't trust Roddy, and back out in the hammock, Roddy brings up the fact that he feels targeted because he's doing well in the game. Gerry points out that the perception is that Roddy is smarter than everyone else. He also then points out that this isn't the case, and Roddy comments that he wishes it were the case. There is a pause. "Did you just tell me I wasn't smart?" Roddy asks. "Yeah," Gerry says simply. They both grin. These guys are...kinda funny. Not a lot of crap between these two, and I kind of like that.

We're back to blue-and-white nominations, and then everyone starts talking about next week's HoH competition, and we're into the Danielle/Roddy Clash Of The Titans sequence. We hear the two of them talk about how much they respect and fear each other (well, they're not that explicit, but that's the idea.) And then everyone else talks about what strong players they are, what a good job they do going after what they want, and basically how everyone knows only one of them is going very much farther. Most interestingly, in the hot tub, Jason tells Danielle he "never feel[s] manipulated" by her. Oh, you silly boy. Marcellas hypothesizes that either of them would put each other up, and Amy thinks that Marcellas might put the two against each other.

Julie takes us into the living room for a chat. The houseguests aren't nearly as weepy as they were when Chiara was booted. Julie asks Roddy about not being nominated this week for a change, and to no one's surprise, he likes the experience of non-nomination better than the experience of nomination. Go figure. Julie asks Roddy who he misses the most, and he says Chiara. And why? "Because her and I [sic] just became closest friends." And grammar study partners, apparently. This is the most nightmarish pronoun abuse since "I Am, I Said." (I realize that there is nothing inherently wrong with the pronoun use in "I Am, I Said," but it contains pronouns sung by Neil Diamond, and there is no greater nightmare than that.) Roddy also professes that he misses Eric, but not as much, because he left so long ago that Roddy barely remembers him. Lisa, on the other hand, misses Eric every time anyone says "Hi," I'm sure, so she continues to suffer. Julie asks if anyone misses Josh, and they all pretend they do. Nice. Then she asks them about the impending closing of the Big Bed Room to force them to keep closer quarters as their numbers dwindle. They're all very sad, because no one really enjoys sleeping on cots or with lizards. She asks Danielle what she wants to say to Javier about the looove tape, and Danielle basically says...uh, thanks.

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