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Back inside, for whatever reason, Marcellas is boohooing all over himself. I have no idea why that is, but he ought to fucking stop it. Remember that crap he was spouting about fifteen pages ago about doing something rotten to someone and then crying about it? Yeah, me too. Shut UP, Marcellas. They all discuss how freaky it was when Julie gave Amy the fake-out. Roddy: "Marcellas was like, 'Who hired Enron's accountants?'" Heh. That was a little funny.

Back in the studio, Gerry says he's all right. He quotes Hamlet, which certainly has that painful air of inevitability, and then he says he sometimes felt like an outcast. Probably because of the relentless ostracizing, I'm guessing. But I'm no psychologist, no, sirree! He goes on to say he was ready to leave, so he feels lucky to go back to his family and his job and such. Back to school time! Julie asks what Gerry thinks of Jason for the nomination situation. Gerry opines that he's not angry at Jason for believing Gerry to be a threat. A threat? Oh. Right. That's why Jason nominated you, there, Gerry. Not at all because you were the easiest target. Oy. Gerry also says that Jason might regret trusting Roddy. Yeah, no foolin'. Julie asks about the weight loss, of course, and Gerry talks about how difficult it was being in the house with all these gorgeous young bods. He does not, fortunately for them, mention how mercilessly they abused him over it, which is pretty generous of him, if you ask me.

Gerry's goodbyes are about what you would expect -- relatively sterile, not terribly friendly, but overtly respectful. All except for Lisa. Lisa has this to say: "What I really have to say to you, and what I really have to say to Eric, is that I'm sorry...that I didn't have the pleasure of putting you up this week." And that is just not necessary. I know she's bitter, I know she's projecting the guilt she feels for not voting to bring Eric back...but honestly? When you know the guy will hear it when he's just been evicted? That's just being small and mean. And it has nothing to do with strategy, and nothing to do with playing a game. It's small and mean. And it changed my opinion of Lisa quite a bit, in just those few seconds. When the videos are over, Julie asks Gerry who he's rooting for, and he offers Danielle. Gerry is reunited with his children, and then he fortunately gets to go far, far away from these petty morons.

For now, it's time for HoH. This week's competition involves answering a series of True/False questions about what evicted houseguests had to say about those still in the house. They're the usual boring questions no one really cares about, and they cast no light on anyone's personality. When all is said and done, Marcellas is HoH. You will be shocked to hear that he takes the opportunity to talk himself up, going on about how he's the first person to win HoH twice. Well, pin a rose on your nose, Marcellas. And also? Shut up.

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