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In case we haven't established that Ian is a weirdo, he demonstrates to the bored houseguests in the backyard one evening that he has the ability to kick himself in the face. Which he does, repeatedly. Mike laments in the DR about how he went from being in an alliance with Dr. Will to being in an alliance with a young man who can kick himself in the face. "America? Please kick me in the face." Wait, so that hasn't happened already? Mike just looks like that naturally?

Time to pick the players in the first Power of Veto competition of the season. Dan explains to us in the DR how it works, which we already know. HoH Willie and nominees Frank and Kara are automatically playing, and they each get to randomly draw one other player. Willie draws Danielle's name (which is good for her teammate Kara), Kara draws Shane (who isn't likely to go against his alliance, one would think), and Frank draws Wil (see Shane, previous). Jojo is chosen as the host for the competition. Mike tells us how this isn't good for him, because it's all about Mike.

Kara takes Shane into the Have-Not room to ask him to save her if he wins. He agrees to do his best, even though he tells us in the DR that he's not even sure that's what he wants to do, and he might not end up being expected to anyway. But Shane's realizing that he can get some pretty good bargains on this vaporware he suddenly finds himself peddling.

So Shane's next conversation is with the other nominee, Frank. They talk privately in the store room about how they're both targets, being such spectacular physical specimens and all. Shane talks about wanting to make a deal with Frank. Overplaying much?

With the PoV already stacked against him, Mike decides it's time to have a talk with Britney. She does a sarcastic DR about how nice Mike is to grace him with her presence on day six. He tries to draw her out by suggesting Joe be put up as a replacement nominee. Joe is of course on Janelle's team, as Mike well knows; he's just trying to flush out a sign that Britney and Janelle are actually teamed up, as he suspects. Britney denies that a) she's got any control over anybody anyway, and b) that there's an alliance with Janelle. Mike says that if one of Janelle's nominees doesn't go up as a replacement alliance, he'll know what kind of game is being played, and it'll mean a line's been drawn in the sand. Or, since we're talking about Mike, the cat-box filler. Britney sees right through Mike's friendly little ultimatum and DRs, "I thought he was supposed to be good at this game?" And why would you think that, Brit?

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