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Pass the Mike

America's Vote this week is on what alliterative but mismatched pair of food items will join slop on the Have-Not's menu for next week. Really, do we have to?

Back in the HoH room, members of the Blonde Bloc celebrate their victory and Frank's sucky aim. Britney advises Shane to listen to the offers and deals and advice from everyone who comes to him, and then not use the Veto. Shane DRs that it's up to him, not her. And then he ends up going to Kara and Dan in the Have Not to talk to them. Dan points out that Kara and Danielle are the least threatening to Shane, both in terms of direct competition or as suspected allies. He's right about that. Frank then approaches Shane in the store room, again, saying his side of the house is sinking and offering to jump ship. Shane makes no promises.

Early the next morning (actually 8:00 AM), Shane comes outside to find Mike already up and circling the yard for his morning jog. Mike sits down for a talk with Shane, who says he knows he's going up next week no matter what. "Not if one of my people win," Mike says, and claims he's got control over his people. Shane says Mike makes some good points. Mike does seem to have an ability to say things that convince idiots. Concurrently, I'm beginning to see that Shane's hair may be a barometer for how dumb he's being at any given moment. Right now it's very tall, so make of that what you will.

On the day of the Veto ceremony, Shane talks about how his alliance doesn't want him to change the nominations, but he figures that if he does something to help his game in the short term, his allies would get over it. Because that's always a major strength of Big Brother players, getting over perceived or actual slights in a timely manner.

Shane calls the Veto meeting and lets Kara be the first to make her case to use the Veto on her. She makes a lame speech about how she's shy but is opening up to people, and also that Shane looks really good today. Frank just says that if Shane saves him, "Appreesh." There's a ripple of pity-chuckle, and then Shane says he's not using the Veto, advising them to rally their votes. Well, thanks for jerking everyone around, Shane.

Kara DRs that she wants to stay in the house, and Frank says he'll need to campaign against her. Dan DRs that Mike has proven untrustworthy. Yeah, Dan, most of us got that memo about a decade ago. And Mike, again taking credit for winning All-Stars as opposed to Dan beating "a bunch of amateurs," smugly boasts that Kara's going to be "sashaying out that door." But if she doesn't, that of course won't be Mike's fault in any way.

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