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When Fat Janelle Met Saggy Dick

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When Fat Janelle Met Saggy Dick

After the break, it's time for Daniele to do some of that staring at the memory wall that she seems to like so much. This time it's because the producer's told her to, as it's Contemplate Using The Veto time. "My options are absolutely plentiful," she says from the DR. You have three options, dear. Your "plentiful" options top out at three: veto Jess, veto Jameka, don't use the veto. The super-special "veto Jen off the jury and replace her with Nick so as to increase my odds of winning" power hasn't been bestowed on you...yet. Jess DRs that she'd "much rather" see herself vetoed and replaced with Eric, because if one of them is going to get the boot, she'd much rather it be Eric. That is so romantic it should be accompanied by little cartoon bluebirds, you know? Eric continues to delude himself into thinking keeping Jess and booting Jameka is in everyone's best interests rather than just his own.

At the veto ceremony itself, nothing noteworthy happens. Jameka and Jess beg for their lives, Daniele dicks around for a few "dramatic" seconds, and then just as we all figured, she doesn't use the veto. Jameka and Jess DR that they don't want to go home. We'll find out on Thursday, and as an added bonus, we'll get rid of another one of these fools. Probably Zach. Maybe Eric. Certainly not Dick, nor Daniele. Not before we reach the supremely satisfying conclusion to their daddy/daughter drama.

...Almost over now. Almost over.

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