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Frank and Boogie head up to the HOH room to talk to Shane about the reasons behind his nominations. Oh, dear. Poor, dumb Shane. Why would they leave him alone to have this conversation? First, he claims that he heard that Boogie and Frank were going to nominate him and Dan if they won HOH. Boogie points out that Frank was HOH last week, so if that was their plan, they could have carried it out then. Shane then tries to claim he has advance knowledge of what the mystery box means, and then says that Joe was the one who gave him the intel on what Frank and Boogie were planning. Oh, this is awkward. He's just randomly spouting words and he's the WORST liar.

Frank and Boogie stay calm and try to get Shane to admit that he was influenced by Dan and Britney. For some reason, Shane won't throw Dan under the bus, and he tries to keep Britney's name out of it too, but when Boogie presses him, he caves. Oh, Shane. Here's what you say: "Boogie and Frank, you guys are scary. You scare me. Boogie, you've won this game before, and Frank, you've nearly been voted out multiple times and come back from the brink. I nominated you because I'm scared of you, and I had to blindside you because if you had even an inkling of what I was planning, you'd have found a way out of it. This nomination was out of respect for your gameplay and nothing else." There! Flatter them! That's a reasonable explanation and it has the ring of truth! Britney, why didn't you coach Shane on what to say?

Shane admits now that Britney was the one who put the nomination plan in his head, and says that Dan had nothing to do with it. Boogie says that they can all still be friends as long as Shane works with them to make this situation right. Shane also admits that he has no social game and his whole strategy hinges on winning competitions. What a dorkasaurus.

Shane quickly brings Britney up to HOH and tells her that he just threw her under an oncoming train called the Frank and Boogie Express. Shane isn't even smart enough to soften the blow that much -- he admits that he told them Dan had nothing to do with it, and it was all Britney. She tears up and says that she's hurt that Shane has just made her a huge target because she was just trying to help Shane, since Frank and Boogie really were planning to take him out. That's another tactic Shane couldn't have taken with them: take the offense and demand to know why they were targeting him, and if not him, then who? Britney DRs that Shane is a dum dum and now her game is screwed.

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