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They all meet up in HOH and Boogie claims he wants to have an open conversation. Boogie says that he just wants to know where this story originated. Britney says she doesn't want to betray the confidence of her source, like she's a journalist all of a sudden. Frank wants to hear about it from Dan, who wants to know exactly what this "source" allegedly said. Nice deflection, Dan, but Boogie's not falling for it. Britney finally takes the offensive and asks if Boogie really did plan to nominate her or Dan, and Boogie says he'd have to eventually. Britney DRs that Boogie's must have had his "head stuck in his Chilltown T-shirt" because if he'd think about it for a minute, he'd remember saying it to Ian. That is so true. And it happened when Frank wasn't around, so Frank honestly doesn't know.

Frank wants Dan to at least admit that he threw their names out there, and Dan just stays silent. Boogie thinks that speaks volumes, but finally Dan swears on his wife that he's not the source. Frank and Boogie aren't convinced, and the two of them with Shane leave the room.

So now Dan and Britney have a chat. Dan asks if he's supposed to take the heat on this one, and adds that he doesn't know how much longer he can protect Ian. Britney understands, but adds that he's given them so much good information that she hates to lose him as a mole. Dan wonders if they even need this information anymore, since either Boogie or Frank is leaving this week. Dan finally says that he'll take the heat for the group as long as he knows Ian appreciates it, but if Ian doesn't, Dan will "throw him to the wolves." Well, at least Dan isn't being overly dramatic about it in his dorky headband.

Veto Competition! At last something other than conversations about who said what when. Shane will play with Jenn (who still seems pretty gimpy from the HOH competition). Boogie chooses "Houseguest Choice" and picks Ian. Frank also gets "Houseguest Choice" and chooses Ashley. Really? Her? Boogie is psyched that Dan won't be playing.

The hamsters walk into the backyard to find a Candy Land set up. There are stations where one might find, for example, a small heart filled with what's labeled as one pound of taffy, and then a giant heart filled with much more taffy. So the hamsters are going to have to guess how much is in the giant version. Danielle explains the rules, and she is obviously very confused. Is it possible that she's dumber than Shane? Anyway, in each round, each contestant writes down a number. Then everyone reveals his or her guess. At that point, each contestant gets to decide to fold or stay. If they fold, they move on to the next round with no points. If they stay, and are closest to the actual number, they get a point. If they stay, and are furthest from the actual number, they are eliminated. First to three points (or presumably, last one standing) wins.

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