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In the first round, they have to guess how many marshmallow chicks are in a mural. Boogie's estimation strategy makes sense. Ashley's involves thinking about pictures in pictures and man, I'm remembering why I stopped watching this season because I don't enjoy watching dumb people. Jenn is even further off than Ashley. WTF, people? Anyway, Frank, Boogie, and Shane are the only one who stay. Frank wins a point, and Boogie is eliminated. HA HA!!! Dummy.

Next round involves lollipops in a topiary tree. Frank, Shane, and Jenn stay in this time. Ian folds again. He is doing a terrible job of throwing this. Although I guess letting Frank win is as good as folding, right? He doesn't have to be eliminated. Jenn gets eliminated. So now Frank is in the lead with two points.

The third round involves counting candy hearts. This one is a little harder to estimate than the first two, and the answers are all over the place. Shane and Ian are the only ones that stay. Shane gets the point and Ian folds. Ian does a TERRIBLE job of acting disappointed and yet Boogie is fooled.

The fourth round involves strips of candy dots. Now I want some of those. Frank folds, and Shane and Ashley stay. Somehow Ashley wins and Shane is eliminated. If Frank had stayed in, he would've won. Oops.

Now it's down to Frank and Ashley, and they have to count gumballs. They still get to stay or fold which makes no sense with only two people, right? Frank stays, Ashley folds, and Frank automatically wins. The only thing that makes it sting less was that Frank would have won regardless. So Frank wins Veto.

Boogie explains that he has a three-step plan. First step was Frank winning veto. Second is rallying the floaters and getting them to convince Shane to nominate Dan, and then step three is getting him voted out. Frank and Boogie meet with Joe, Jenn, and Ian. They encourage them to persuade Shane to nominate Dan. Jenn is like, "Wow, they're totally right! Dan is the Devil!" Look, Dan is dangerous. But so is Boogie! Get him out!

Boogie and Britney meet in HOH. Boogie apologizes to Britney for dressing her down, and then says that he wants Dan out of the game not out of vengeance, but because he ruined their alliance. Little does he know that Britney knows that Dan did no such thing. Then Boogie starts pretending to get choked up over having to go home and lose out on an awesome friendship. Luckily, Britney is not buying it one bit. Awesome.

Dumb Jenn meets with Dumb Shane and has a dumb conversation. Jenn wants to know what Shane's thinking and adds that Dan is a slick player and dangerous to have in the game. I think Jenn also claims that taking out big targets will make Shane safer. How, exactly? Wouldn't Shane want to keep the big targets around to deflect votes from himself?

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