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Will Is the Luckiest Boy In All The Land!

Sheryl, on the other hand, is having a more difficult time. Since being evicted from the house, she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. The cameras follow Sheryl into the doctor's office, where he tells her that the cancer "is in multiple spots" in her breast and the best option, for her, is a mastectomy. She tells us that the hardest part about being diagnosed with cancer was having to break the news to her children. She sniffles. Back in the doctor's office, Sheryl PSAs that if you find a lump in your breast, you need to go to the doctor. And that's very good advice. Her doctor tells her that she has a good chance to beat this, since they found the cancer fairly early. Poor Sheryl. But she looks like she's in great shape, and she seems very optimistic, and God knows, that can only help her.

Julie tells the audience that Sheryl has scheduled her mastectomy for after the final vote, that she's feeling great, and that she's looking forward to coming back to finish up her stint on Big Brother.

Back to the Diary Room, where Will tells us that Monica is "a very powerful, very opinionated, outspoken, strong person. She's a good person in life and in this house." On the other hand, he feels that Nicole has "pulled the wool over some houseguests' eyes. She's done everything that [he's] done, but she's covered her tracks."

It's almost time for the final part of the three-part HoH competition. Will and Nicole discuss the fact that neither one of them really wants to win and then have to play the bad guy, kicking poor bereaved Monica out of the house. Out on the patio, Will asks Nicole to take him with her into the finals. "I've never lied to you," he says. "Yes, you have. Every time you said you didn't throw the HoH competitions," Nicole retorts. "Okay, I lied about that," Will admits, but points out that losing everything is his strategy. His strategy! After seemingly endless discussions about which of them ought to take the fall, Nicole proposes that they both try to win the final competition, since neither of them wants to. Will agrees and sincerely informs her that he trusts her. She walks out of the room, and Will smiles evilly into the camera, and sticks out his tongue. Later, in the bedroom, Will swears to Nicole that he will absolutely not "outright throw" the competition. Moments afterward, however, he walks past a camera in the hallway, hands up like he's scrubbed in for surgery, and hisses, "the evil doctor is back!" The Puppetmaster Music wails for one last glorious time as Nicole slumps in the Big Blue Chair of the Clinically Depressed and Totally Delusional and insists that Will would far rather spend his last week in the house with her, instead of Monica. "If I was [sic] to spend a week in here with Monica, it would be great!" Will chirps in his own session in the Big Blue Chair, God bless his cold, black little heart.

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