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Will Is the Luckiest Boy In All The Land!

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Will Is the Luckiest Boy In All The Land!

Finally, we're getting down to the action. Julie Chen pops in to talk to Monica, Will and Nicole, who all seem a bit down. They ask after her health. "I'm okay," she admits. "Been better." Haven't we all? By the way -- not to take us away from the solemnity of this moment or anything -- Will looks really hot. Julie asks Monica how she's holding up. Monica responds that she's just "keeping the faith" and trying to stay focused. Julie finally turns to Nicole, and asks how she feels about making it to the final three. Nicole admits that none of them has even really been thinking about the game "because of things that have been going on in the nation." She starts to tear up. "Sorry," she says, "I'm really emotional about it." Will agrees. He tells Julie that while they "don't know exactly what's going on," all three of them "send [their] wishes and thoughts to America." Julie's face sort of melts at this, because she's in love with Will. "It's appreciated out there, I'm sure," she tells him, then asks him how confident he feels about this HoH competition. "Not that confident," he admits.

Next, more catching up with the evicted. "Thank God I'm free at last!" Kent crows. Krusta directs us all to a teeny, tiny "welcome home banna" hanging in Ray's Diner, way at the back. In the dark. Bunky's been getting love letters from old ladies. Hardly looks gayer than ever in black loafers with no socks, a foufy purple motorcycle, and a little tiny helmet that makes him look like a traveling penis. Krusta and Laken go through letters from all of Krusta's misguided fans. Bunky says he loves his fans. Kent swears he's still a non-smoker. Hardly pretends to be attracted to Lindsey and kisses her on television. Krusta twangs that she doesn't want to go back to being a waitress; she wants to be a big famous star! Bunky tells us that he and Kent have talked a few times on the phone and that they're going to do something together soon. For his part, Kent says he really wants to meet Gregg. Krusta talks a little bit about how much she hates Nicole and how much she misses Monica. Hardly snips that biggest eye opener after leaving the house was "seeing Will's diary entries." Next, we visit Will in the Diary Room. "I know when I leave here, little old ladies are going to spit at me in the grocery store," he grins. Or throw their granny panties at you. One or the other. Bunky admits that he didn't know that Will "is as shrewd as he is." Krusta swears that she's not mad at Will. Because everyone loves funny Will! The montage ends with Kent grimacing. "I could care less which one of those freaks wins this game," he grouses.

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