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Will Is the Luckiest Boy In All The Land!

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Will Is the Luckiest Boy In All The Land!

Competition time. The final portion of the HoH competition consists of more questions about "everyone and everything you've experienced in the Big Brother house in the last seven weeks." At this, Will looks calm. Nicole, however, makes a nasty face.

And the questions begin. First off: who ended up with the sleeping bag the first night in the house? Both Nicole and Will guess Kent, which is the correct answer.

Second: who was first to dive into the icy pool on the day the Survivors were in the house? The correct answer is Hardly, which both Will and Nicole get correct, although Nicole spells it "Hardee."

Who was first out of the car during the house's first food challenge? Will and Nicole exchange looks and shrug. Will guesses Sheryl, while Nicole thinks the correct answer is Mike. Nicole is correct, and pulls ahead by one point.

What did America choose to give the houseguests instead of a massage chair or a pull-up bar? Will and Nicole are both right when they guess "toaster."

Next, both Nicole and Will remember that Krusta is under the misguided impression that mushrooms are fruit.

Nicole still leads the competition by one point. The penultimate question involves the key-sliding HoH competition, and, again, both Will and Nicole are correct when they recall that Monica is the houseguest who slid her key off the edge of the table. Behind them, Monica makes a face.

The last question. Julie tells Will that he has the opportunity to tie it up. "Or lose it," Will snarks. Julie giggles. The question is regarding the "Dirty Dozen" competition in the first week. "Who was the first contestant wearing a bikini to jump into the mud?" Julie asks. Because both Will and Nicole get the answer (Mike) correct, Nicole wins. Not surprisingly, she's very unhappy about this, and whines about it for about a year. Dude, if she really didn't want to win this competition, then it's quite easy to lose it. Just throw the damn thing. Jesus. Anyway, Julie gives Will and Monica one last chance to appeal to Nicole to keep them in the house. Monica just tells Nicole that she's leaving the choice up to her. Will tells Nicole that he can't say anything she hasn't already heard. "Admit that you're the devil," Nicole snips. "There are times when you haven't been happy with me, I admit that," Will calmly responds. Then Nicole complains about winning some more. Hi, Nicole? You could have answered every single question wrong if you'd wanted to. So shut up. She tells Julie she's "too competitive" to throw the competition. Well, then, cram it.

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