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A Secret Plan to Fight Eviction

Shane rushes to slot his last two pieces into place without checking to see if they're right, but at least he gets his bell rung first. Ian is the second to lock in his answer, then JoJo, then Frank, then Wil, and then at long long last, Ashley, taking her sweet time while everyone bakes patiently in the sun. "SHE IS SLOWER THAN POND-WATER," Joe bellows in the DR.

And then, when it's time for players to start revealing their answers, it turns out she got three of them wrong anyway. Janelle pretends to be impressed with Ashley's performance in the DR; either that or she's doing a bit. Wil has a perfect score, so he steals the lead from Ashley. Big surprise. Frank also got a perfect score, and faster than Wil. So did JoJo, and faster than Frank. Ditto with Ian. Now it's just a question of whether Shane got them all right, because if he didn't, Ian wins the Veto, and if he did, Shane wins it for himself. And he... well, we won't know until after the ads, I guess.

Some time after the ads, in fact, because there's a whole long replay of the last moments before the break. But when Shane finally opens his menu and reveals his answers, he got a perfect score as well. So he wins the second PoV in as many competitions, and he takes a celebratory dive into the giant guacamole bowl, where Britney happily joins him. Frank thinks Shane will come after him next week, and regrets not using Mike's stupid idea. Because that would have gone so much better. "Time to go to work," Dan mutters to Danielle.

Post-competition, Shane and Britney and JoJo quietly celebrate (JoJo most quietly, of course, what with her being the consolation evictee at the moment), and then Shane goes to Frank and Mike to offer an insincere apology for messing up their plans. Mike makes like maybe this was the plan, because that's what he does after the fact, and Shane tells them he wants to work with them and not necessarily play for Britney. Mike DRs about how Shane is like a wounded animal you rescue from a bear trap and nurse back to health. "And then you know what you have?" Rabies? No, "a very loyal pet." Mike goes on to say that Shane's already proven his loyalty to Willie, so "imagine what he could do for me!" Mike tells Shane to not tell anyone else in the house about their talk. Which is odd, because I don't think anyone actually agreed to anything.

Shane returns to Britney and JoJo, and Britney is completely suspicious about what Shane was talking about with Frank and Mike. She wonders if they offered him a deal, and he says they didn't. Which, technically, is true.

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