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A Secret Plan to Fight Eviction

Dan goes into the Have-Not room with Danielle and tells her that if he tries to help her, she's doomed. She points out that Dan helped Kara. "And look what happened," Dan reminds her. Yeah, duh, Danielle. It seems like Dan's giving up on her, but Dan DRs that this is one of his coaching techniques to motivate his players to help themselves. Okay, then, maybe he should have picked players instead of cute chicks. Shane enters the room, and Dan takes his leave. Danielle seems to realize this is her cue, so she asks Shane if he'll vote for JoJo to stay. Shane's not committing to anything, so after that totally draining exchange, Danielle heaves a resigned sigh and leaves the room to go cry by herself. Well, clearly Dan's coaching technique didn't work.

Shane tells JoJo about Danielle's emotional state, and says that he plans to go to Frank tomorrow and tell him to nominate Wil and backdoor him. JoJo's down with this, even though Wil hasn't been a target for anyone, as far as we've seen, with the possible exception of Willie. The carrot Shane plans to use on Frank is a promise that neither he, nor JoJo, nor Danielle will go after him next week. Okay, good luck with that.

The next morning, Shane and Frank settle in for an early chat in the backyard. Shane floats his idea to backdoor Wil, who has somehow arisen as Frank's biggest threat during his lack of screen time. Frank remains poker-faced, which I think means this is going nowhere.

Shane gets ready to convene the Veto ceremony. There's not much suspense as to whether he's going to use the PoV, but the question is who Frank's replacement nominee is going to be. Frank DRs that he's considering Wil, but he's not sure. Danielle is basically a complete stress-monkey who feels like nobody loves her.

Shane calls everyone inside for the meeting and, to the shock of nobody, uses the Veto on himself. Frank stands up and says it's no fun to nominate people, but he's decided to nominate Danielle, which isn't much more of a surprise. In the DR, Frank explains that it's too early to go after Janelle's players, while Danielle feels abandoned, and has to "fight to stay here." So far she's fighting like a dandelion seed, so I guess anything's possible. JoJo says she wants it and deserves it more than Danielle does. But Dan says in the DR that he has a secret plan to save Danielle. Britney vows that she's not going to lose a second player, so Danielle's got to go. Well, one of them will. At this point I don't care which one, I just want to find out what Dan's secret plan is.

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