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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

Cut to some Night Vision Footage of Justin talking to someone we can't see, but who must be either Will or Mike, or both. "This time I'm going to punch her [Autumn] right in the stomach," Justin promises. "And you know, she made a date with the devil [he points to himself], you know what I mean?" Someone -- I think it's Mike -- chortles, "Totally!" Class act, both of these two.

In the Big Blue Chair of Shirtlessness, Hardy says that he's not worried about his own safety around Justin, but that he's worried about the safety of some of his housemates.

Night Vision: "If I do get that other one tomorrow, you know, the freakin', the one that I'm going to give the black eye to?" Justin asks. Whomever he's talking to sort of grunts. "If I get her, bro, you will guarantee you'll hear her scream [sic], 'cause I'm going to do her doggy-style and I'm going to give her such a kidney shot." Justin mimes punching someone.

Nicole perches in the Big Blue Chair of Obviousness, and says that Justin was very threatening, and could easily have harmed someone in the house.

You know how I said Justin was like Joey Tribbiani? I'd like to take this moment to retract said comment and apologize to NBC, Matt Leblanc, and the entire cast and crew of Friends. Justin is no Joey Tribbiani. In the Big Blue Chair of the Fang, Justin is totally grinning. "I understand that physical violence or intimidation is not part of this game. And won't be tolerated. And therefore, I won't be part of anything related to physical violence or intimidation." He's fully laughing here. "I apologize for maybe getting close to crossing the line. So, ah, at this point, you have no worries about that ever again," he chortles. Why don't I believe him?

Kent says that Hardy assured him that, had Justin tried to get physical during the Pillow Incident, Hardy would have "subdued" Justin in, like, a minute. Kent appreciates Hardy's having his back.

Big Blue Chair of Marry Me, Hardy. "I don't need to put up with that bullshit, living with a goddamned third-grader. A dangerous third-grader. He's a threat to everyone around him," Hardy tells us, looking disgusted.

Nicole and Sheryl cuddle on the Big Blue Chair of Hot Girl-on-Girl Action, and talk about what a frightening tool Justin is. Sheryl comments that she thinks there's a real possibility that he might "pop someone."

Justin tells the camera that "they" (the producers, I assume), are always telling him that he "can't, like, beat somebody up, or [he] can't, like, sexually force [him]self on somebody." He rolls his eyes like this is the silliest thing he's ever, ever heard.

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