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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

Kent tells the camera that Will, Shannon, and Mike "are so phony." Sheryl sits at the patio table and tells the group that she thinks Will is "an obnoxious son of a bitch, a spoiled brat."

The obnoxious son of a bitch says that "Nicole is like garbage on Thursday. She's out!"

Krista tells the camera that "they" are "all backstabbers."

In the Big Blue Chair of the Bride of Satan, Shannon says that Autumn is "a complete nut case." Then she and Autumn have a big fight on the patio, over something I can't understand around all the bleeping. Cigarettes, maybe? Autumn calls Shannon "prissy Princess." Shannon snaps something about giving Autumn a "a bag of chips," because, you know, according to Shannon, Autumn is a big fat will-power-less tub of lard. Shannon storms inside the house. "Snotty bitch," Autumn says.

Julie Chen explains the rules of voting to the viewing audience: Sheryl and Nicole are not allowed to vote; Mike is not allowed to vote unless there is a tie. All votes are cast in secret.

And the voting begins: Shannon votes for Nicole because she thinks she's phony. Will votes for Nicole as well, snapping that he's pissed because Nicole tried to cast him as "the bookworm, the nerd," when, duh, he's the Teen Heartthrob Slash Evil Puppetmaster.

Julie Chen makes idle chit chat with the houseguests about how hard it is to live in the house. Hardy says hello to his brother, Brady (Brady and Hardy?) and says that it's difficult not talking to his family. Mike has his hair all spiky. He looks like an idiot. Julie wryly says that his new hair "becomes him," and hides a smirk. There's more chattering about the difficulty of knowing that they have to vote people out at any moment. Sheryl says something diplomatic about "turbulence" in the house having put them all on edge. Nicole cries and says she's made friends with the people who "got to know [her]," and that those who didn't "feel the way they should feel. Alienated. And it'll come out in the end."

Next, we get to meet Nicole's and Sheryl's families. This is such filler. Nicole's hubby thinks that his wife is plotting something. "She's gone into battle. She's a fighter," he says. Sheryl's mother thinks that "Sheryl played the game from day one." Okay, so Sheryl's mother must be in her sixties, right? She looks barely older than Sheryl! Nice genes, ladies.

More voting: Hardy votes to evict Sheryl. Monica thinks that Nicole is a threat to Monica's chances of winning, so she votes to evict Nicole.

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