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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

After seeing Sheryl to the door, Shannon and Mike just stare at each other, stunned. Everyone else idly mills around the house. Sheryl trots across the lawn to go chat with Julie.

Sheryl and Julie chit chat for, like, an hour, and all we find out is that Sheryl was more or less okay with being the sacrificial lamb, as long as it meant that Will, Shannon, and Mike were screwed over. "What happened in there was very wrong," Sheryl says. "[Her eviction] was a strategy that went against people who were not being kind to others. Everybody wanted to get them. And the way to do that was to evict me." Julie nods, and asks Sheryl about Justin. Sheryl diplomatically says that Justin was "a nice guy" who got caught up with the wrong crowd. I heard this morning, though, that she didn't even know about the knife incident here, so who knows what Sheryl would say when asked about Justin right now?

Then Sheryl's children and mother arrive on the set. There is much squealing and embracing and jumping up and down.

At last, Julie sits down to do her post-expulsion interview with Justin. She has this look of total disgust and revulsion on her face for a moment, and it's possibly the funniest thing I've seen on this show yet. I love her now. "I'm kissing this girl," Justin and his Fang begin, "and, this we have to keep in mind, I'm kissing a girl, and I go, I put the knife right here [points to his own jugular], I don't touch her, I put the knife right here, and I go, would you get mad if I killed you? Jokingly. There's no way you could even blow that, there's no way you could even see that as a threat! I go, would you get mad at me if I killed you? Smiling at her. She's smiling, she goes, 'Go for it.' And then I go over, we're laughing, we kissed again, and I put the knife away. Now, if there's any one that could perceive that as an act of violence, or as a threat, then, you're an idiot. All right? I don't know what show you're watching, and I don't know what kind of glasses you're looking through." ["Whoa." -- Wing Chun] Julie talks slowly, as befits Justin's level of intelligence, and asks whether he can see how someone might possibly take all that the wrong way. "As you're holding a knife to someone's throat. Can you see?" she asks. "I cannot," Justin insists. He continues that if Krista felt threatened, she wouldn't have said, "Go for it," laughed, and kissed him. ["Okay, but the fact that Krista has economy-sized issues doesn't make his action any less threatening! How can he not see that?! He's a sociopath!" -- Wing Chun] Justin insists that he "didn't threaten nothing against anyone" in the house, he just "got in people's heads in the house." Julie looks like she wants to smack him, but instead just brings up the Pillow Incident. "That wasn't a threat -- that was just intimidating someone," Justin says, proving once again that he's a complete and total moron. Julie just sort of rolls her eyes.

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