Big Brother
Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

Back in the house, Nicole comes into her room, closes the door, and does the "yes!" arm pump. "Yes, sweet revenge! Sweet revenge," she crows. Autumn watches and smiles. They talk about their plans to bring down Chill Town. "I'm gonna fight," Autumn assures Nicole. "I'm going to fight!"

Out in the living room, Shannon and Mike sit around and congratulate themselves for being smart enough to figure out how everyone voted. "I can't even believe these people!" Mike snits. Yeah, how dare they!

Hardy enters the girls' room. "He is screwed. You know what I mean?" he says. Nicole and Autumn grin wildly. Hardy admits that he doesn't care about winning anymore. All he wants to do is bring down Chill Town. He mentions how irritating it is when Will talks about how smart he is, and how well he did in school. "Well, guess what?" he says. "We ain't in school anymore." Go Hardy! Nicole nods. "They're gonna get schooled," she says. We can only hope.

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