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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

Next, Mike comes up with another game to keep the housemates occupied. Well, the single housemates, anyway. He tells Kent, Bunky, and Nicole that he's totally willing to take part in any activity, but that he's not very good at thinking up games married people can play. In other words, he can't think of anything that isn't sexual. The first game on Mike's Long List of Fun Activities for Hot Singletons involves the hot tub, whipped cream, strawberries, and basically making out with everyone on the show. He admits as much in the Big Blue Chair of Blue Balls, saying that he wanted to kiss some of the girls in the house, and that the game was his way to do that. It looks like everyone has a good time, getting whipped cream all over each other, although Will complains that Autumn is "too aggressive." Shannon stands up in the tub and reveals that she's wearing a thong. TMI, Shannon. We all know you're hot without seeing your bare ass. Mike says something about knowing that Sheryl "wanted to party." I have to admit, I love that all these young guys are hot for the older woman. You see young women paired with older guys all the time, so it's nice to see the other side of the coin on television. On the other hand, "wanted to party"? Ew, Mike. Justin sits in the blue chair and flashes his fang. "Everyone had a good time. Justin's down with that," he says. Oh, Justin. That was Justin Fantile. I can't wait until you're Justin Carcerated.

Cue the Who's Going to Hook Up? session of this episode. Basically, Shannon and Will are hot for each other, and they can barely keep themselves from having sex right there, but somehow, they manage to keep their hormones under control. For now. Despite the fact that they're sleeping in the same bed, and that Will just spent the entire afternoon talking about electrons, when he knows that Shannon thinks smart guys are hot, hot, hot.

In the HoH room, Autumn tells Mike that she doesn't want to hook up with Justin, although Justin apparently thinks she does. She tells Mike that "Justin isn't [her] first choice." Mike thinks that she means he's her first choice, although we all know Autumn is hot for Hardy. Good work with the self-confidence, though, Mike. In the Big Blue Chair of Letting Her Down Easy, Hardy opines that Autumn has some neediness issues that she needs to address. In other news, Autumn cries about nothing on her bed, and says she feels excluded from the group. "Autumn better watch herself in the [next] sixteen to twenty-four hours," Mikes says ominously, like he's thinking about taking her out back and shooting her.

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