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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

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Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

The housemates are given a very stupid project, which involves making a videotape about the house. The only thing you need to take away from this segment is that Will is enormously bossy, and it's pissing everyone off.

Next, the Dark Lord and his Mistress -- also known as Will and Shannon -- discuss their evil love affair. The leave out the part where they've decided that Shannon will bear Beelzebub's devil spawn in exchange for uncontested control of Tanzania and Uruguay after Will takes over the world. They each say separately that their relationship is like that of brother and sister. Yeah, in a V.C. Andrews novel. Anyhoo, there's lots of lying around and looking deep into each other's soulless eyes and talking about how beautiful they are and how much they want to do each other. They sleep in the same bed and make me lose my appetite for dinner. Forever.

Finally, Bunky comes out to Kent. Kent reacts fairly well, for a self-professed homophobe, although he brings up the whole "you lied to us thing" thing and won't let it go for, like, ten minutes. Finally Bunky admits that he skirted the issue of his sexuality, which seems to satisfy Kent. Kent wonders whether Bunky was always gay. Bunky tells him that he was. Kent asks whether being gay is hard. Bunky says it's awful. Sigh. What ever happened to "I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it"? Not being gay myself, I can't say one way or another what it's like, and if Bunky truly feels that his sexuality is "awful," I feel sorry for him. ["Not that I know Bunky or, like, even watched the show, but maybe he meant that it's 'awful' being gay in such a homophobic society, because you have to make a big deal out of telling asswipes like Kent that you're gay and then worry what they might hate you. I think that would be pretty awful." -- Wing Chun] But Bunky's sexuality is an integral part of who he is, and I wish he would tell Kent that while it's hard to be gay when there's so much homophobia in the world, he's proud of being who he is. Period. At any rate, Kent is satisfied after Bunky tells him that when he first realized he was gay, he prayed, and felt ashamed. "Like 'I'm a freak'? 'Something's wrong with me'?" Kent yells. Bunky's like, um, yeah, whatever, leave me alone. Apparently, though, Bunky had real issues coming to terms with his homosexuality. He tells Kent that, at one point, he even considered suicide. This revelation, at least, seems to convince Kent that homosexuality isn't a choice. "I admire the courage it takes to be who you are in a straight world," Kent says. Bunky thanks him. "I respect you for that," Kent says, and hugs him. Then Kent runs off to the bathroom to bathe in lye. Actually, he tells the camera that it took a lot of courage for Bunky to come out to him. I have to admit, Kent handled that way better than I'd anticipated. And I'm glad Bunky doesn't have to hide in the closet anymore, especially since it was obviously causing him a lot of pain.

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