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You Say Potato, I Say Shut Up

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You Say Potato, I Say Shut Up

So his next move is to recruit Adam to help him TP the women's bedroom. Montage of Sheila reacting to this and similar pranks, including Natalie popping up from inside a trash bin right next to her; and James dumping a mug of flour on Sheila's head. Sheila complains to the housemates about being the butt of all the pranks, even as she claims in the DR that after growing up with brothers, she's used to it. I'm sure that's it, and has nothing to do with her being an uptight pain in the ass.

Later, Sheila tells Adam about the dream she had the night before about not being able to talk to her son. Which she can't do now. Adam encouragingly tells her she's got a month left, and Sheila tearfully DRs that she's doing this for him. And with more footage of her crying to Adam about this, she further DRs that Adam is the only one in the house who gets her, and that she can trust. What a touching moment depicting the powerful Adam/Sheila bond. Therefore we know that this scene does not bode well for said bond.

Sharon DRs that her strategy throughout the game is to lie low and wait for people to come to her with alliance offers. Which is exactly what Ryan does, since he's short a secret ally these days. He even offers to try to talk Adam into putting up Sheila instead of Sharon, and they're already looking forward to being in the final two together. Which is only four evictions away, after all, so what could go wrong?

That night, Ryan goes to make his case to Adam, to the accompaniment of (for some reason) Godfather-style music on the soundtrack, but it doesn't exactly sound like an offer Adam can't refuse.

Sharon advises James to eat something before the upcoming food competition, because Joshuah is gone and she needs someone to take care of. James doesn't seem to mind.

So here's that aforementioned food competition, in which the houseguests will have to arrange large quantities of mashed potatoes on a huge sloped table cluttered with a minefield of kitchen implements. The goal is to create channels for gravy to flow through and be directed into containers representing different food groups (plus a few rewards). Whichever beakers they fill, they win whatever the label next to that beaker describes. It's the ideal competition on this show, because it's refreshingly easy to describe, deceptively difficult to execute (the mashed potatoes make the surface slippery and turn Adam and Ryan, in James's colorful words, into "whales on a ramp"), and will ultimately make them look like idiots who can't feed themselves. They're all working together, and they've got ten minutes.

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