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Janelle brings her team up to the HoH room so she and Willie can bring them into the loop. Joe hollers in the DR about how "JANELLE, OUR COACH, AND BRITNEY HAVE BEEN TALKING!" Let's hope that wasn't a secret or anything.

So with six of the eleven players still in the house on board with whatever he's going to want to do, Willie apparently thinks it's a good move to try to add another person;. Just because, I guess. Maybe he figures the only thing missing from the current plan is a way for it to backfire, and I can see several ways for that to happen as a result of bringing Frank into the loop. Willie invites Frank up to the HoH room, where Frank says Mike hasn't talked strategy with him at all. Willie seems to see Frank as a natural ally, thinking they're a lot alike (they're not) and extracts a promise from him not to vote him out or even nominate him next week if Willie keeps him this week. Frank agrees to it, and gives a promise that they'll go far together, regardless of anything Mike may want Frank to do. As if doing what Mike Boogie says is a good idea anyway.

Ian wanders into a random conversation going on in the game room, but he still can't seem to sit still. Like, ever. He keeps getting on people's nerves and giving everyone the wig by fidgeting, wandering around on his tiptoes, camping out in the bathroom when people are trying to shower, and running around with nothing on but Joe's cowboy hat over his junk. "AND I CAN NEVER USE IT AGAIN," Joe DRs. So of course Willie spots him as an easy target, whose eviction probably wouldn't upset anyone. Well, it might upset a few people on my Twitter feed.

Early in the morning is Mike's favorite time to talk, so he's out there with Frank, asking how confident he is about staying this week. Frank spills that he's almost completely confident, which impresses Mike rather than worries him. Of course, that's because everything is good news to Mike, because of how awesome Mike is, which means nothing bad could be happening that he doesn't fully understand.

Later, a recording of Julie comes on the viewscreen to summon everyone to the living room. She says that this season includes a "Coaches' Competition," in which the four coaches will compete for the right to give one of their players immunity for the week. Janelle DRs about her reputation as the "comp queen" to uphold, while Britney says she has "the strength of a six-month-old" and will count herself lucky not to come in last every time. Julie adds that the Coaches' Competition will also determine the Have-Nots for the week. Oh, good, I was worried there wasn't going to be any slop.

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