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Of course, when they're allowed back into the house, there are buckets of slop in the kitchen. As a longtime fan, Ian excitedly tries some to see if it's as bad as everyone says, and declares it "the definition of mediocre dining." While some of the others sample the stuff, Janelle leads a delegation to the Have-Not room -- which turns out to be a black-and-white-painted Escher nightmare-scape, with curved metal platforms in place of beds that will force one to lie at an angle on diamond-plate steel. Those look bad enough that I think most Have-Nots may actually take the unprecedented step of sleeping on the floor. If, that is, any of them are sufficiently capable of thinking outside the box.

Up in the HoH room, Janelle and Britney discuss the sitch with Willie, now that nominating Ian is off the table. They figure they'll need to nominate people that Dan and Mike don't want to lose, meaning Kara and Frank, respectively. Britney and Janelle seem to agree that Frank looks like a good target, but of course Willie has his secret deal with Frank, which means he's in a difficult situation. One that can only be resolved by...making a decision.

In the backyard, Mike and Dan quietly talk about how outmatched Britney and Janelle are. Dan asks Mike who he'd get rid of if he had to, and Mike says Jenn, then talks some more about how popular Frank is. Dan worries about other girls being jealous of his own favorite, Kara. Mike smugly DRs about how there are only two people in the game who have won before: Dan, who won Season 10, and Mike himself, who won All-Stars. "You do the math," he invites. Sorry, Mike, I'm not enough of a statistician to accurately weigh Dan's unanimous final vote against the advantage of being carried by Dr. Will for a whole season.

Joe is making some big, delicious dinners, as promised, but some of the other players, Mike chief among them, are worried about how quickly he's burning through their limited stores of food. Mike sees this as an opportunity, so he takes Willie into the HoH room to suggest ditching Joe, bolstering his case by talking about his experience with chefs and how they're all "super hotheads[s] and a little crazy." As opposed to your average Big Brother contestant.

First nomination day of the season. Willie reminds us that he has to nominate two people. Kara DRs that she's nervous, because you never know. Joe shrieks at the back row of the DR about how he "DONE TALKED TO EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE. EITHER THEY'RE A BUNCH OF LIARS OR I'M SAFE." Or they told you what you wanted to hear so you'd stop screaming at them. Frank talks about his deal with Willie but how you can never totally trust anyone. Willie narrates that he's playing against not only other players but the other coaches. Mike's feeling good, considering Frank's deal with Willie and Ian's immunity (which allows Ian to do bizarre things like sit there with a duck on his head) and his own suggestion that Willie nominate Joe. Britney figures her players and Janelle's players are safe, but Willie says the other players will be surprised by his nominations... especially the coaches.

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