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On the Reservation

Before the PoV meeting, Frank reminds us that he has all the power. Dan DRs that he wouldn't blame Frank if he tried to backdoor Dan, because that's what he would do. That's another reason Dan never bugged me; he never takes people's moves against him personally, or even as a surprise. Wil reminds us how he and Ashley pledged their support to Frank, while Mike tells us that Frank needs to listen to him and not rock the boat. Mike prefers to do all the boat-rocking, after all.

Frank convenes the Veto meeting. With lots of high-school debate hand gestures and pauses rather than nominee speeches, Frank announces that he has decided not to use the Veto. Most of the people not in the nominee chairs look pretty relieved. Except Mike, who just looks smug. Frank DRs that he has to pick his battles, Dan happily DRs about dodging a bullet, Wil bitterly DRs that Frank is only good for tacky slogans, and then says, "Watch your back," which is not a tacky slogan at all. Joe screams at the DR that even though he's still nominated he's not going home, and Ian expresses relief that the Quack Pack is good for another week. Well, maybe "good" isn't the right word.

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