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Dan goes first for the current houseguests, and picks Mike as his opponent. Mike tells Dan about the whole Brett Favre thing, but football coach Dan doesn't believe him, so that's another undeserved grand in Big Brother money for Boogie and slop for the house on Monday. Renny goes next, up against Jen. Renny wins them food for Tuesday by refusing to believe that gas is six dollars a gallon. Which is fine for now, but just wait until BB11. Jerry challenges Janelle, acting like a big creepy lech about it. The question Jerry has to confirm or deny is whether Jessie has been offered the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine. Which is totally a trick question, because even if it were true it wouldn't be in the news. Janelle says Jessie is "not even that cute," but Jerry guesses that it's true and lands the house on slop for Wednesday. "It's been, like, eight hours," carps Dan. Memphis goes next and picks Amy, who tells him that China has banned bald and smelly cab drivers during the Olympics. Memphis guesses no, incorrectly, so no grill for them. Ollie picks Matt, although he has to wait for Michelle to quit flirting with him before they can move on to the question. Someone asks about Natalie, and Matt jokes that she's hiding in the bushes, which makes me laugh out loud for the first time in Big Brother history. Ollie declines to believe Matt's claim that the headline "China announces they can prevent rainfall" is true, so he loses the house its food for Thursday. Libra's question from Bunky is whether Cheech and Chong have reunited for a tour, and she blows that one (it's true, much to Renny's excitement), so slop on Friday. Now it's up to Michelle to guess whether the recent earthquake was faked to mess with their heads, and stupid Jase oversells it so Michelle wins the feast. April goes against Chicken George over whether Britney Spears is recording a country album. She buys it and loses, and Chicken George crows, "I finally won something on Big Brother!" Get it? Crows? Also, don't I seem to remember that some college offered his kids free tuition back in the day? That's not exactly "Sorry, try again later." Keesha goes against Jun over whether Paris Hilton told people not to vote for George Bush for a third term, and gets it right (she didn't, at least not publicly). So the final results are a feast, but slop for the whole house for five of the next seven days.

Memphis asks for a private HoH moment with Michelle, in which he warns her not to make an alliance with "them." Michelle mildly accuses him of already having done so, but it's not like she's going to nominate him anyway. She's still pissed at Dan, although she claims to have strategic reasons for nominations whomever they may end up being. "You'll do the right thing," Memphis lies.

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