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"I can't stand that bitch," Renny whispers. "Which one?" Keesha asks. Heh. A surprising number of laughs in this episode. "April," Renny says. Memphis joins them to talk about how fake April is. With that in mind, Renny goes up to visit Michelle and remind her that April was the one to nominate Jessie in the first place, and failed to do anything to keep him safe. Michelle decides that she has a lot to think about now. Well, any thinking is kind of a lot for Michelle.

Nomination day. Memphis DRs that he's been trying to patch things up with Michelle. Renny is hoping that April will be nominated, and says that's what she would do in Michelle's position. Dan DRs that he'd be shocked if he isn't nominated, and Libra says she's Michelle's biggest target. Michelle says that she's nominating people who have been in the house too long, so she's going to "blow up their game plans."

At the nomination ceremony, April is the first one who's safe. Nice work, Renny. Then it's Memphis, Ollie, Jerry, Renny, and Dan, leaving Keesha and Libra as the nominees. Didn't see that coming. Michelle forgoes the chance to make a big dramatic speech, quietly claiming that it's strategic and not personal as she adjourns the nomination ceremony.

Dan DRs that his strategy is continuing to work. Jerry coldly says that Dan will always be known as Judas, which is big talk for someone who just had to watch Brian on a monitor for like an hour. Keesha isn't ready to leave the house, and Libra says she sensed weakness in Michelle's nomination speech. "It was her moment," she says. "Tomorrow's mine." So I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I mean, Tuesday. And I mean, not.

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