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A Barbecue For Betty

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Burning Bosoms, Batty Bettys

Nicki walks into her house; Margene's there. Wife #3 says, "I'm glad you're back! I missed you. I was scared." Nicki immediately high-hands her. And Margene brings up the vote one more goddamn time, so Nicki says, "It was me, okay? I was the holdout. I thought you were too need a lot of reassurance. You want to be the center of attention. I was worried it would always be the Margene Show." And again, let us all pause and admire how Nicki manages to ascribe unto others all the things of which she is guilty. Through her tears, Margene says, "Thank you" before heading out the door and just missing the act of Nicki pulling out a bill for the Fairfield hotel. The scene ends with Nicki's sly, furtive smile. And that's how we learn that the one lesson Nicki learns is that she never has to face any consequences at all.

And the episode ends with Bill chucking his trash into the now-historical lot. I guess the one lesson Bill's learned is that the best-laid plans -- a fourth wife, a third store -- are often knocked askew by unforeseen elements.

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