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A Barbecue For Betty

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Burning Bosoms, Batty Bettys

Barb and Bill both get distracted when a state trooper's car rolls by, then parks in front of the house. When the doorbell rings, Bill opens it with a wide smile and a "May I help you, Officer?" The officer replies with a flat, affectless "Bill Henrickson." Bill's face freezes, and we zoom over to the trooper, who continues: "I'm Chuck Tuttle. Heather's father. I'm here to pick her up?" Officer Tuttle looks a little embarrassed, like he just can't help how he comes to the door when he's in uniform. Hee! Barb wilts in relief and says an extremely friendly hello and invites him in. She calls the girls down. Chuck sweetly says, "We've become very fond of Sarah. She's come to our house a number of times now. I've been looking forward to meeting you. Sorry I couldn't make it to the father-daughter pancake breakfast." Bill is all, "The who in the what now?" right as Heather comes down. She is shocked to see her father there instead of her mother. Chuck explains, "Mom was busy with Relief Society, honeybun." He clearly adores his daughter. Ah, man, this scene makes me miss my dad. As the adults exchange pleasantries, Heather mouths things like, "I am so sorry" and "Oh my heck!" at Sarah. She shrugs casually -- no harm, no foul. The Tuttles leave.

As Barb morphs from cheery Mormon to gorgon, Bill asks if Sarah knew that Chuck was a state trooper. She steels herself and admits that she does. One of Nicki's kids asks, through the wooden slats of the upstairs rail, "Are we going to jail?" Oh, gosh, I hope I can continue to pick up on this show's OH SO SUBTLE VISUAL SYMBOLISM. Barb assures the boy that everything's fine while Bill belligerently asks Sarah, "How come I didn't know? There's an awful lot I seem to be in the dark about lately, and I don't like it." Barb looks torn between wanting to kill Sarah for not saying anything about Officer Tuttle, wanting to kill Bill for projecting his irritation with wives #1 and #2 onto Sarah, wanting to kill Sarah for putting her in the position where she can't side with anyone, wanting to kill Bill for being a big fat baby about this, and wanting to kill Nicki because it needs doing. Sarah naively asserts that Heather wouldn't say anything. In a much more hurt and defeated voice, Bill asks, "And what's this about a pancake breakfast, anyway? How come I had to find out through a stranger?" Oh, ouch. Sarah doesn't meet his eyes as she tells him it's because it was on a Saturday, and since Bill works those days, he wouldn't have come anyway. Bill looks even more stricken...

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