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Then Pam visits. She's brought over some design books. This is so sweet! I think one of the more interesting things to come out of this show so far is its examination of how people make and stay friends. Margene is genuinely touched. Pam tells her, "Make sure you look at that fung shoo-ey one. I know it seems crazy, but it works." Margene then remembers her manners and invites Pam in, hastily slamming a door between the front of the house and the kitchen so Pam doesn't see the shared backyards.

Pam comes in and looks around the barren little house, gushing, "This is great! You can do a lot with this place." She's temporarily thrown by a pants-less toddler wandering around, and Margene says, "Aaron! I'm sorry. He just discovered his penis." "Don't they all," Pam replies. She looks over at the beaming baby Lester and asks, "What a precious angel. Where's Daddy?" Margene still has this huge grin on her face, so it's really hilarious when she brightly says, "Gone!" Pam is taken aback, and Margene rushes ahead, saying, "I know we just met, but I really like you. Um. Do you like orange juice?" And thus, aided by the socializing powers of citrus, a new friendship is born.

Ben is at seminary, introducing himself. The seminary instructor then welcomes them all with "Congratulations. You've chosen the right." Ben looks reassured, and Jason's got a smug look on his face like, "From now, mister, you'll only get erections when I say you will!"

Joey calls Bill from his new cell phone to pass on the name of the lawyers suing Roman (Bill needs to pass it on to the Polygamy Czar and the attorney general). It turns out that Frank inadvertently passed it on. Joey says, "He thinks he's being cagey, but he's just a blowhard. You gotta get him in a windbag kind of mood, I guess." Then the conversation shifts: Joey's all, "So, Wanda tells me you're planning on adding a fourth wife to the mix?" and Bill is like, "This is news to me."

Back at the Henricksons' homes plus, Barb is walking through the door with a few bags of groceries, only to be greeted by Nicki glowering at her from the kitchen. Nicki says dramatically, "I have to speak to you," so Sarah sullenly rolls her eyes, gets up from the kitchen table, and scrams. Continuing with the drama, Nicki says, "Bill is dating someone. A fourth wife." Barb looks dumbfounded. Thrilling to her role as the wives' leader, Nicki says, "Oh, Barb, there's no time for that now." Barb doesn't think that's the case; Nicki emphatically replies, "I do. And, may I say, she is certainly not the kind of fourth wife we would want! He's having relations with her." Barb asks, "What?" It's not clear whether she's playing along with Nicki or surprised that Nicki's come to this conclusion. Nicki continues, "Well, he is susceptible. I happen to know for a fact that he had relations premaritally with one of us. I'm not naming names, but it wasn't me and it certainly wasn't you. It was Margene. That's not right." How much do I love that "I'm not naming names, but I totally am" business? Barb grasps for the kind of response that'll keep Nicki from thinking that it's actually Barb that Bill's seeing, and finally asks, "What do you want me to do with this information?" "Well, we have to stop him!" Nicki says petulantly. She also wants to find out who the brazen hussy is, because in her world, Bill's not really doing anything too wrong -- he was tempted by a woman of loose morals. Nicki smugly concludes, "Obviously, it's not someone from the compound." Barb dryly agrees that's the case. I have a feeling Nicki is thinking compound women are too virtuous for that sort of thing, while Barb is thinking they're too frumpy to appeal to Bill.

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