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They want to know what love is

Then we transition to Nicki in the middle of the Henrickson family huddle. Barb's got her hand on Nicki's leg. Nicki's insisting that Roman didn't send Alby. The boy's just a loose cannon. Ben adds that Nicki was really cool, and the distaff contingent nods in affirmation. Barb says piously that she's just glad nobody was hurt. Bill -- who has not touched Nicki once during all this -- says it's time for everyone to go to bed.

But Nicki says she's got something to say to everyone. It is not "Is it true I was just collateral?" Instead, she basically announces her intention to try and get pregnant. Sarah is not pleasantly surprised. Even though Barb's not thrilled, she does manage to tell Nicki she loves her. In what is either a genuine emotional moment or one of the most coldly calculating moves ever, Nicki tells Barb emotionally, "I love you too. I love you very much." The camera pulls back so we can see the Henrickson family in tableau -- Margene standing with the kids, the rest of the adults sitting -- and the episode ends with Teeny saying, "A sister!"

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Big Love




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