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They want to know what love is

Anyway, Davis is all, "You're a teacher, eh? Where do you stand on merit-based salary?" As a worried Bill looks on, Barb deftly replies, "I believe you support it, Superintendent Reinhardt opposes, my union is hostile, and the legislature doesn't seem to know what it thinks. And you want my lowly opinion?" This is accompanied by a light tap on the forearm, and while it charms Davis, Bill is now looking at Barb all, Look, having the extra wives is work enough -- don't go recruiting extra husbands too. Davis assures her he does; Barb tells him she's flattered, and totally changes the subject. As Bill watches his first wife smoothly schmooze someone who could matter to his business, he gets smitten all over again.

Meanwhile, on the flipside of paradise, Nicki and Margene are grocery shopping. This is another one of those self-consciously "funny" scenes, only instead of the "Who's on First?" act, it's all situational irony. As Nicki rants about how plural marriage teaches the value of selflessness, she completely ignores how Margene is pushing a full buggy, doing pliés to pick up products Nicki's boys have dropped, and grabbing groceries for Nicki, all while toting her infant issue around her neck.

Once Bill and Barb are in the car, Bill says happily, "I think the councilman will remember me next time?" Barb asks why, and Bill says smugly, "He couldn't take his eyes off you." So it'll be a good thing when Davis is all, "Oh, yeah! You're the guy with the hardware store and the hot wife"? Barb adds that Janel Davis couldn't take her eyes off Barb either, but that was because she was looking for the garment lines. She's laughing, but when she looks over at Bill, he is positively mooning over her. There's charged moment in the car, and then we transition over to the side of the road. If the SUV's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'.

By the time these two finish, Barb's hair is down, and they're both grinning like fools. Barb asks, "Where did that come from?" and Bill tells her fervently, "You are so beautiful." Barb sobers up a little as she reminds them both, "This is Margie's night." Bill says, "It's not like we planned it." Barb smiles at that.

The music gets all portentous as we see Bill and Barb finally arrive home and silently walk through her tidy kitchen. Cue the poignant opening chords of "I Wish I Was a Monogamist" in the key of B. Bill exits the back door and turns to look back at Barb, who is still looking gorgeous.

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Big Love




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